Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I sat next to a guy on the plane. There was polite conversation, nothing too deep. I was going to Sydney for a holiday, he was going for work, he flies often becasue of his job etc. Then the flight attendant did the safety talk and so... conversation over.

I was left wondering for the rest of the flight what kind of job he must have to fly so much between Australia and NZ.

I kind of built up a scenario for him in my mind. He was kind of bulky so I decided he must be a rugby player - probably league. He was here playing for a team and that's why he travels a lot.

By the end of the flight I had convinced myself that I was sitting next to a famous rugby player and just before I was about to ask for his autograph I figured I should make sure.

I finally asked what he does for a living and was truly disappointed to find out he was just a businessman here to make sure his company is working well. I hope the let down didn't show on my face.

I much prefer the alternative.

I hope I'm not the only one who invents backstories for complete strangers.


Tonight I got home from lifegroup and Mum was packing for a conference she is going to in Sydney in the morning.
I let her know how jealous I was and then she mentioned that I should come. It was a bit like, "good joke Mum."
But then she started looking at the airline websites for flights and I became more and more excited.
By 10:30 I had worked myself up into a state of frantic spontaneity and before I knew it, the flights were booked and a few short hours later I was waking up to catch a plane.

It was the biggest spur of the moment splurge of my career. Absolutely worth it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


A grassy patch at uni provided a peaceful reprieve from the clutter and air-conditioned dullness of today.
My last lecture finished early so I waited for dan outside and soaked some late afternoon sun.
It was an appreciated ten minutes of warmth and rest, without much better to do than just lay there and look up at the blue sky.


Today I decided to drop on of my uni papers. It was the best decision I could possibly make. The whole thing was a huge amount of work and induced much stress. To not have to worry about it us an amazing feeling.
Now Mondays can be Fundays.


This afternoon I went with mum and dad all over Devonport to try find a venue for my 21st. It couldn't have been much fun, especially for dad who had to drive round. I really appreciated it though even if it wasn't so successful.
Hanging with my parents wasn't so difficult either. They're pretty cool. Even grocery shopping. Dad and I managed to get to the counter with a few extra treats.


Bunting, bunting, bunting.

But mini-like.

In cards.

They are really quite fun to make. Choosing the colours which go well together is fun, but writing the letters in the fabric paint is best.

They are for my birthday invitations.

This is bunting:


Clarissa and I had a date today with the most delicious icecream in the world.

The Takapuna Beach Cafe has the best gelato known to man.

Thus far I have tried the Lemon Curd Yoghurt, Bayberry Sorbet, Cherry Yoghurt, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate, and Blood Orange Sorbet.

I had my favourite of all this afternoon. It was the Cherry Yoghurt.

Oh man it was amazing. Real cherries.

It also doesn't stop blowing your mind half way through. It's still delicious right to the last bite.


Browns Bay > Onehunga > Town > Home > Browns Bay > Church > Home

So much driving.


Uni was actually pretty awesome today. I had a three hour class which is ridiculously pretentious and arty. It's all about poetry and the different ways we can read it.

For the third hour of class today we took poetry to the pavement with chalk. The task was to make the poetry come alive, off the page and into the public sphere.
It wasn't such a bad way to spend a beautiful afternoon.

I really like the way that the poems are completely different when extracts are seen on the ground in different shapes and colours. The meanings change and they become much more interesting.

I didn't feel as much of a dork as I thought I would being out there with people walking by. It could have been because people get used to seeing it at the start of every year or maybe it's just part of growing up and not caring about how others percieve me.

It was fun nonetheless.


The first day of uni.
I made a friend.
Her name is Jenni and she is from Canada.
I don't normally make firends at uni so this is remarkable.
The class sucks but she is pretty cool.


After Wave tonight we had MC training. The jokes were flying. It was absolutely hilarious. Debbie didn't quite know what was going on or how to control us all.

It was fun to watch her try and regain authority over the group as the boys made ridiculous comments about her MC tips.

At one point I was pronounced a slut because of my risque MC attire. It was all in jest. I think.


This evening Amy, Rosie, Em and myself made an impromptu trip to Frasers which left us all feeling rather ill after so much sweetness.

We each tackled a dessert and chocolate drink.


The combination will leave you docile and uttering incomprehensible words, strung together in a most unattractive moan about how sick you feel.

It didn't stop us leaving a paper heart on the boys' flat doorstep on the way home.

There was much giggling as Rosie and Amy ran to get back in the car as I peeled off with them still climbing in.

The Lemon Meringue Pie couldn't be more delicious.


Taking care of an animal is actually a huge responsibilty and one that I'm not really cut out for.
The house Emily and I are sitting on at the moment comes with a dog.
She is a beautiful dog with a lovely personality but she's just so much work.
She loves hanging out but then she gets excited and so when she's inside we look at the carpet and find many little pee puddles.
Regular walks are the key to her happiness and who has the time, really?

It made me think of children and how much more work they'd be.

Friday, March 4, 2011


It was the first Presence this morning.

Waking up so early and dragging myself to the beach for prayer was rather difficult but once we got going it was well worth it.

Something happens when you sacrifice a bit of comfort for the sake of God's kingdom He shows up.

This morning He did that in the form of a sunrise.

As the sun hovered over the water there was a sense of his presence and goodness.

Afterwards while sitting at Ben Gusto, sipping on Earl Grey (which I was mocked for), Dan was inspiring us all to be passionate youth leaders and infect others with our passion for God. It really was great to sit and get excited about ministry with a handful of other leaders.


Some families are just awesome. The Elleys are one such family.

They are so generous and open.

This afternoon I hung out with Hannah and had the most delicious rockmelon milkshake with pearls at Easyway. Bubble tea always makes my day. The company was great too. Hannah always keeps me on my toes. She's one of those teenagers who's got her head screwed on tight. She can step outside of herself and think about things. She's still young but she knows what's up. She's especially good at pushing boundaries.
I love that about her.

Anyway, afterwards I imposed myself on the rest of the family, took a dip in their pool and managed to get invited for dinner. I didn't even feel that bad about it either.

They are so generous and I love that for a little while it felt like we were all back in Tonga.