Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Today was not the greatest of days. It was going alright until this afternoon I got a bit stressed and had to shoot off from work in a hurry to get Sam from his work and then we had a disagreement in the car and I got upset.

We worked it out and he came over this evening. We weren't doing much, just hanging out in my room and he was making me laugh. I haven't giggled like that in so long. 

I knew it was because my emotions were heightened from earlier. Really, a finger moustache does not merit the kind of uncontrollable cackles coming from my mouth. 

But upon reflection I find that kind of beautiful, that sometimes the worst feelings can make the best ones that much richer. Without the tears a few hours prior, I wouldn't have been so close to those joyful emotions. My giggles would have been much less mirthful. 

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