Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I had to take a (more than slight) detour on my way to Festival this afternoon and drive out to Andy's farm to pick up some old speakers he insisted were crucial to the design of the marketplace.

It turned out that they were situated in an old open shed down the back of a paddock filled with what could only be described as menacing guard sheep and ducks - at least a hundred animals altogether. 

As I drove through the paddock the ducks came waddling at speed behind my car and were ready to meet me when I opened my door. 

The sheep weren't far off as the ducks had alerted them of my intrusion. I had hardly hobbled my way over rocks, wire and tree roots to reach the shed before I had an audience of sheep, baaing at me angrily. 

I was intimidated to say the least. 

I sought refuge in my car to recompose myself for a few moments. I had to laugh because it was ridiculous. But I figured that even though they may have been scared of me, they far outnumbered me so I best take precautions. 

I turned my radio up loud which did more to comfort me than put off the animals but it gave me more confidence as I marched through the flocks. 

When I shut the gate behind me I had that heart-racing sense of accomplishment. I'd won! 

I swear there were more than that!

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