Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You know when you have a million things going over in your mind and it's just racing, preventing you from sleeping?
That's how it was when I laid in bed tonight.
Instead of sleeping I thought I had better put my brain to good use and I got up, sat at my computer and typed an essay.
I felt very proud and like a true uni student doing my essay at 2 in the morning.


I slept for soooo long today. It was crazy.
Sleep is an amazing thing. So refreshing.


Dan got baptised today out in the wide ocean. It was so awesome.
What an amazing setting for a baptism.
All his family came to see and it was special.
People said lovely things and then we went out into the sea and he got dunked.


There was such glorious weather today at Tawharanui. It was so gorgeous. It felt like Summer!
What a relief after we all thought it was going to be torrential like last year.


On the way to Tawharanui for Labour Weekend I could feel the stress fade away the further from home I got. It really was the best feeling ever.
Life felt more and more peaceful.
I didn't even realise how stressed I was until I felt it all drain away.


Tonight I went to Esther's house and we watched James Dean look hot in a film.
He's one mighty fine man.
Then we looked through her James Dean calendar which we pretended was their family album and were in fits of laughter at his bedroom eyes.
Esther is such fun.


Amy and I stopped for frozen cokes late last night.
Sometimes the only thing which will satisfy is a good fro' co' from Maccas.
We were going to park at the beach but there were millions of police.
Then we played Tik Tok and had a right giggle at the line, "the popos shut us down."
We are infinitely cool.


I woke up to the most beautiful text from Tarien this morning.
Things like that really brighten your day.
It put me in a good mood right from the beginning.


Ben's parents are away so we poured a whole lot of dishwashing liquid in his spa and created a whole heap of bubbles. It was a whole heap of fun.
The foam went everywhere.
It was a beautiful sight.


Sarah and Rose did it!
The leaped from a plan up high in the air.
I just filmed from the ground.
It certainly looked like a mixture of fun and absolute, sheer horror.
When they were gliding down it would have been the best feeling. Like in some small way you were defying gravity.
In your face, gravity.


Today Rose, Sarah and I set off on a great adventure to Pihea where they are going to jump out of a plane! Insane.
Anyway. Adventures are fun and I'm pretty excited and a tad worried for them.


This evening I went to see An Education. It was a very lovely movie.
It really made me think about life and why I'm doing what I'm doing. I totally agree with her decision to go to Paris. Why not take an opportunity like that?
Except maybe not with a seedy older man.
But yeah. I reckon the way life is and the expectation to go to uni to get a job to stay in it for the rest of your life is so silly. How dull.