Thursday, January 19, 2012

Summer as it should be.

I want to go back to the best Summer ever.

It was hot like Summer is meant to be.

Getting in the car was like entering a sauna. We shut all the windows and turned off the air con to see how long we could last in the suffocating heat.

Our diets consisted of mainly lemon iced cupcakes, freshly baked while we played round after round of Gin.

We swam day after day, night after night. Togs remained in the car, "just in case" we received a text about hanging at the beach, and we usually did.

New friends were made every day, and distant ones became the closest. Many of which remain until this day.

We went to gigs once a week and watched our newfound friends astound and inspire crowds. We wondered how they got so good and how lucky we were to know people who could make such beautiful music.

We didn't sleep much because we didn't have to get up early for anything in particular. The only thing dragging us out of bed in the morning was the promise of a new adventure. Whether it was Mt. Victoria, op shops, the beach, cards, or even just hanging out, it didn't matter.
We would make it fun.

And we always did.

Take me back.