Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I had forgotten what it's like to be back amongst "the scene" in Auckland. I certainly don't count myself part of it. I'm not nearly stylish or elite enough for it, but occasionally I go to gigs and see them milling about, smiling beautifully at each other and saying their, "Oh darlings".

Tonight was such a night. It was Tom Lark's media show, which meant that all of Auckland's finest were out and there was not one unattractive face or unplanned outfit in the place. I was fairly intimidated.

But the music made up for how gross all that was. Oh my word it was a good show. Far, far too short to quench my thirst after two years of nothing, but definitely almost got there.

I found myself just grinning as I sipped the best wine of my life and bobbed my head along to my faves.

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