Saturday, March 14, 2015


I flitted from one social occasion to another today and they were all beautiful.

First was a breakfast date with Rose and Eleanor where I ate more GF bread (always very exciting!) and we talked about very adult things like marriage and kids. It all felt very strange but lovely at the same time.

Then, this afternoon I went to Lucy's for a spontaneous dip in the pool which turned out to be a bit of a set up. Priscilla's old friend brought her two kids over and the mums proceeded to push Lucy and the son together all afternoon. It was really very hilarious.

I left there and went to Laban and Amy's new little home which was very cute. Amy made us the most delicious dinner and we talked all about film, music, Korea, and sharing a bed. Strahan and Steph were there too, which was so, so nice because they're great but I've never got a good chance to get to know them before.

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