Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sunshine, Lollipops

And rainbows in the sky,
Life's wonderful as wonderful can be,
When we're together.

Just making up for my last post.

(Also, I looked up the actual lyrics. Mine are better.)

Friday, November 11, 2011

If I Were A Boy

Sometimes I want to be a boy so I can write things that just aren't decent for a girl. 

Today I thought up a good simile but it was so gross that I thought I couldn't let it escape my brain in any form in case my future husband hears about it. 

Stuff it. 

Girls sometimes need to let their inner rogue out. It happens. 

It's unavoidable, like pubes in the shower. 

Bahdoom chhhhh. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Starring Yours' Truly

I always turn hypothetical moments in my life into movie scenes. 

One moment I'm imagining an emotional conversation in the rain between two heartbroken people, and the next it's a beautiful kitchen scene with a couple washed in sunlight baking cupcakes. 

It's not always me in the scenes. Just a moment I think it would be great to be part of. 

Sometimes I think it would be so good to be able to script and direct my future. There would be no surprises. I'd always have great comebacks and humorous moments. The other person would always react predictably and my response would be witty and eloquent. 

Life would also be a whole lot less fun. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Sun makes the best blanket.

The daisies are out in all of their splendour.

I noticed them driving out of church, lining the driveway, making the world a better place.

It's the best thing when all of a sudden you notice their existence. It's as if you only do when lots of them appear at once and call out to you with one voice.

They band together to make your day a bit brighter.

I want to make a daisy chain quilt. Perhaps that will be a mission for one day this Summer.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Thoughts On Screen

I feel like this, like blogging again.

Thoughts on screen.

I saw a whole lot of talent tonight and it makes me wonder why God didn't give me that gift. I know I'm good at other things, but to write, arrange music, and perform it well would be incredible.

Being good at leading meetings doesn't have the same appeal.

Maybe God knows I would get proud if I was on the stage all the time.

Still, to learn would be fun. At some stage in my life.

People amaze me. How can such sweet melodies come from the lips? How can fingers know what chords to play without instruction?

It was like a dream. Listening.

Monday, July 25, 2011

First World Problems

I have been really affected by the famine in Africa. I feel so blessed and so helpless. It's a bit strange really. The lavish richness in my life seems pointless and wasteful in light of the 12 million people starving in the Horn Of Africa right now.

I can't even bring myself to read about it or watch the news.

It's too horrible.

I feel like my existence is a huge slap in the face to so many who live in great need. Here I surround myself with so many things for my own comfort.

I don't even think about the cost of food. Sometimes I even go without it out of my own vain conceit for what I look like. And then at other times, I scarf down much more than necessary in my greed.

What a privilege.

Then I complain about the internet dropping out, or having to go to uni on a rainy day.

Internet, education, and even rain are granted to a mere handful of people in this world.

What right do I have to complain?

West World problems.

As I drove home from work today I put on this song and by the time I got home I was weeping. It's the song of my heart for the hungry right now.

I feel partially responsible for their situation.
I want to be partially responsible for their solution.

Water: Luke Thompson

Monday, July 4, 2011

What kind of a rat has a bat?

It's been a while.

I wish I could send blog posts from my brain to my laptop because I write most of the best stuff while I'm driving and then forget it all before I reach my destination.

So annoying.

Anyway, for the past week or so life has been pretty good.

I think I'm deciding to take a bit more control of my life and be more intentional with my time. I want to spend it doing things that matter instead of wasting it on nonsense like Tumblr and tv shows.

I actually cleaned my room and got a record player which I'm loving.

After finishing Gossip Girl, I've been able to do other things which are far worthier of my time.

You should too. It feels great.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When I was at highschool I was part of a youth group called Primal. We had some really great leaders and they made us feel special by doing things with us.

Once a week they would pick us up before school and take us to breakfast at at McDonalds. I came to appreciate it for more than a chance to eat delicious yoghurt berry crunches. It showed that I mattered to my leaders. They were willing to be at my house at 7:30am. It felt special.

I decided to carry on the tradition with my lifegroup girls and so this morning was the first of (I hope) many yoghurt berry crunches to come.

We just hung out, all bleary eyed. The girls said it made their days better and it even made it into status updates after school. That's the real seal of approval.

I love them all so much. It's an honor to be able to spend time with them.


I really enjoyed baking today because it was for a purpose. I did good things with it instead of scoffing it all myself. I put some in my friends letterbox because her mum has been I'll and I took some around to another friend for morning tea.
Both times it was really appreciated.

It's so nice to be able to do something enjoyable like baking and also have it make someone's day.


It's been a while since I've felt my hair brush against my back, because it has been too short for so long. Today it did so and the tickling of it came with a sense of accomplishment.

An insignificant and strange remarkable moment, but one nonetheless.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


It's amazing how many times you can do the same thing out of routine and never notice something breathtakingly beautiful right in front of you.

I don't know if it was the mist or the way the islands looked like mountains far in the distance, straight out of a Tolkien novel, but as I drove down my street they caught my eye.

Islands don't just float away. They had been there all along. It just took this day to notice them.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Going to uni isn't all bad.

I usually appreciate at least part of the ride home. I enjoy gazing out the window and just pondering. It's like having a few moments suspended in time when you can't actually do much but sit there and think.

Today I rediscovered how much I love clouds.

There were some really dense, dark clouds very low in the sky. They were hovering almost next to the bus it seemed.

They contrasted so vividly with the fluffy white clouds far above them, which were highlighted and glowing because of the almost-setting sun.

There were many cloud layers and they were all such different textures and seemed to be moving at different speeds.

I love that the sky is a canvas which is constantly being painted, never once looking the same as it ever has before.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I couldn't sleep tonight because I was hungry. I could have killed for some cake.
I kept thinking about chocolate cake. Decadent chocolate cake, freshly baked.

When I was nearly drowning from my excessive mouth watering, I dragged myself out of bed, upstairs and started mixing some ingredients.

I made myself a mini batter and put it in a cup with a few marshmallows ontop. Then it went in the microwave. It was fun watching it rise.

Eating it wasn't quite as satisfying as I had hoped. Turns out that 1 egg is quite a lot and you shouldn't overcook these things.

Next time I'll do better though and hopefully it wont look so much like crap (quite literally).

Monday, April 11, 2011


I saw Phil and Amy in the middle of today. We had lunch at the mall.

That was remarkable because Sundays are usually not seeing people days and also because it was good to see Phil. It's been ages.

Although, I was tired so I dunno if that gladness overflowed.


I took Jenni to the airport really early this morning. I was meant to sleep beforehand but that never worked out because I was way too excited about Korea.

On the way I got Amy because she just wanted to come along for fun. Far out she's awesome.

After we dropped Jenni off we got Maccas and had it on the beach.

Remorse as but it was worth it because of the memories.

Memories are better than wishes and what ifs.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I haven't posted in a long time. Life got in the way. plus my posts were lacking quality. It's difficult to be motivated to do something when you know it's going to come out mediocre.


Saying that seems ridiculous. Like I have millions of fans who wait at their computers each day, refreshing until I post again.


Today I got an email from uni about a scholarship to go teach English in Korea. I nearly cried with joy then and there. It's a super opportunity with flights and accommodation paid and then $1300 USD per moth wages for 15hr work per week. Wouldn't complain.

I've been thinking about doing this of my own accord, but this would be awesome.

It's organized by the Ministry Of Education in Korea so it's all legit. It's in rural areas but that's ok. I could deal. I'll definitely visit Seoul and the First Shop of the Coffee Prince.

First I have to apply and get in though.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I sat next to a guy on the plane. There was polite conversation, nothing too deep. I was going to Sydney for a holiday, he was going for work, he flies often becasue of his job etc. Then the flight attendant did the safety talk and so... conversation over.

I was left wondering for the rest of the flight what kind of job he must have to fly so much between Australia and NZ.

I kind of built up a scenario for him in my mind. He was kind of bulky so I decided he must be a rugby player - probably league. He was here playing for a team and that's why he travels a lot.

By the end of the flight I had convinced myself that I was sitting next to a famous rugby player and just before I was about to ask for his autograph I figured I should make sure.

I finally asked what he does for a living and was truly disappointed to find out he was just a businessman here to make sure his company is working well. I hope the let down didn't show on my face.

I much prefer the alternative.

I hope I'm not the only one who invents backstories for complete strangers.


Tonight I got home from lifegroup and Mum was packing for a conference she is going to in Sydney in the morning.
I let her know how jealous I was and then she mentioned that I should come. It was a bit like, "good joke Mum."
But then she started looking at the airline websites for flights and I became more and more excited.
By 10:30 I had worked myself up into a state of frantic spontaneity and before I knew it, the flights were booked and a few short hours later I was waking up to catch a plane.

It was the biggest spur of the moment splurge of my career. Absolutely worth it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


A grassy patch at uni provided a peaceful reprieve from the clutter and air-conditioned dullness of today.
My last lecture finished early so I waited for dan outside and soaked some late afternoon sun.
It was an appreciated ten minutes of warmth and rest, without much better to do than just lay there and look up at the blue sky.


Today I decided to drop on of my uni papers. It was the best decision I could possibly make. The whole thing was a huge amount of work and induced much stress. To not have to worry about it us an amazing feeling.
Now Mondays can be Fundays.


This afternoon I went with mum and dad all over Devonport to try find a venue for my 21st. It couldn't have been much fun, especially for dad who had to drive round. I really appreciated it though even if it wasn't so successful.
Hanging with my parents wasn't so difficult either. They're pretty cool. Even grocery shopping. Dad and I managed to get to the counter with a few extra treats.


Bunting, bunting, bunting.

But mini-like.

In cards.

They are really quite fun to make. Choosing the colours which go well together is fun, but writing the letters in the fabric paint is best.

They are for my birthday invitations.

This is bunting:


Clarissa and I had a date today with the most delicious icecream in the world.

The Takapuna Beach Cafe has the best gelato known to man.

Thus far I have tried the Lemon Curd Yoghurt, Bayberry Sorbet, Cherry Yoghurt, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate, and Blood Orange Sorbet.

I had my favourite of all this afternoon. It was the Cherry Yoghurt.

Oh man it was amazing. Real cherries.

It also doesn't stop blowing your mind half way through. It's still delicious right to the last bite.


Browns Bay > Onehunga > Town > Home > Browns Bay > Church > Home

So much driving.


Uni was actually pretty awesome today. I had a three hour class which is ridiculously pretentious and arty. It's all about poetry and the different ways we can read it.

For the third hour of class today we took poetry to the pavement with chalk. The task was to make the poetry come alive, off the page and into the public sphere.
It wasn't such a bad way to spend a beautiful afternoon.

I really like the way that the poems are completely different when extracts are seen on the ground in different shapes and colours. The meanings change and they become much more interesting.

I didn't feel as much of a dork as I thought I would being out there with people walking by. It could have been because people get used to seeing it at the start of every year or maybe it's just part of growing up and not caring about how others percieve me.

It was fun nonetheless.


The first day of uni.
I made a friend.
Her name is Jenni and she is from Canada.
I don't normally make firends at uni so this is remarkable.
The class sucks but she is pretty cool.


After Wave tonight we had MC training. The jokes were flying. It was absolutely hilarious. Debbie didn't quite know what was going on or how to control us all.

It was fun to watch her try and regain authority over the group as the boys made ridiculous comments about her MC tips.

At one point I was pronounced a slut because of my risque MC attire. It was all in jest. I think.


This evening Amy, Rosie, Em and myself made an impromptu trip to Frasers which left us all feeling rather ill after so much sweetness.

We each tackled a dessert and chocolate drink.


The combination will leave you docile and uttering incomprehensible words, strung together in a most unattractive moan about how sick you feel.

It didn't stop us leaving a paper heart on the boys' flat doorstep on the way home.

There was much giggling as Rosie and Amy ran to get back in the car as I peeled off with them still climbing in.

The Lemon Meringue Pie couldn't be more delicious.


Taking care of an animal is actually a huge responsibilty and one that I'm not really cut out for.
The house Emily and I are sitting on at the moment comes with a dog.
She is a beautiful dog with a lovely personality but she's just so much work.
She loves hanging out but then she gets excited and so when she's inside we look at the carpet and find many little pee puddles.
Regular walks are the key to her happiness and who has the time, really?

It made me think of children and how much more work they'd be.

Friday, March 4, 2011


It was the first Presence this morning.

Waking up so early and dragging myself to the beach for prayer was rather difficult but once we got going it was well worth it.

Something happens when you sacrifice a bit of comfort for the sake of God's kingdom He shows up.

This morning He did that in the form of a sunrise.

As the sun hovered over the water there was a sense of his presence and goodness.

Afterwards while sitting at Ben Gusto, sipping on Earl Grey (which I was mocked for), Dan was inspiring us all to be passionate youth leaders and infect others with our passion for God. It really was great to sit and get excited about ministry with a handful of other leaders.


Some families are just awesome. The Elleys are one such family.

They are so generous and open.

This afternoon I hung out with Hannah and had the most delicious rockmelon milkshake with pearls at Easyway. Bubble tea always makes my day. The company was great too. Hannah always keeps me on my toes. She's one of those teenagers who's got her head screwed on tight. She can step outside of herself and think about things. She's still young but she knows what's up. She's especially good at pushing boundaries.
I love that about her.

Anyway, afterwards I imposed myself on the rest of the family, took a dip in their pool and managed to get invited for dinner. I didn't even feel that bad about it either.

They are so generous and I love that for a little while it felt like we were all back in Tonga.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Jane and Tarien blew me away with their testimonies today. I almost wept but I managed to keep it together.
They were so honest and real about what God had done in their lives and their own faults and limitations when it comes to living for him.
I am so proud of them. They've got it going on in their hearts which is what it's about.

It's so exciting to see them grow and get to this place where they got baptised. I am so honoured that God put them in my life. They often challenge and impress me with their faith.

Watch out future!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


There is something that happens at leadership conferences. It's like all of these passionate people get together and ignite even more passion in each other.
Today I went to one such conference.
It was awesome just to get a little injection of inspiration to make church and youth stuff better.
Talking about things with Dan on the way back was extra good. There's so much we could be doing.
Potential as!


Tonight Kirsten came over with pink smokers and Amy came over with a box of chocolates and we discussed my birthday.
I know what I want. The Hopetoun Alpha. The one problem is that it's so expensive so my parents aren't keen at all.
By the end of the night, however, I think we managed to convince them that it's all I want and it's not such a bad idea.

Most of the time I have no idea what I want. I can be indecisive and negative about such things but this time I am sure.
Determination has kicked in and it WILL happen.

Friday, February 18, 2011


People interactions are really quite interesting.

I caught up with Jets for lunch. I haven't seen her in quite a while and yet, we are both so good at talking that there was no silence at all. I really appreciate that she believes things and feels passionately about things. She makes me want to be more sure of myself and my convictions.

Then later on tonight Elliot came over and our interaction was completely different. Initially I think he was at my house to watch a movie with Dan but he came and sat next to me on my bed and we chilled. He didn't move until the film was over. Most of the time we were in silence, unlike Jets and I. He was reading a book and I was on my laptop. It was cool just to be comfortable doing nothing.

Both hangouts were sweet. Just different.


Art is weird.
It is.
There are so many hidden meanings and it could tell you something completely different to what it tells me.
That's why I like it.
It's a little bit elusive.

We went on a sculpture trail today around the clifftops of Waiheke Island. There were so many awesome ideas put into huge artworks which cost thousands.

My favourite was a huge wall thing made out of stacked wood. It smelled really good too.


Waiheke is really a beautiful island, and fairly cheap to get to. For a $30 round trip you get to ride on the ferry and stay on a quaint little island with vineyards, rolling hills, cliffs and beautiful beaches.

Mum and Dad had a place there for a few nights, overlooking a bay. It was beautiful to sit out on the deck and watch the ocean change before our eyes.
It never looks the same. People come and go. Surfers tried and then packed it in when they realised there were no waves. The waves never lap quite the same. The tide is constantly moving.
The ocean is fascinating.


Valentines Day.

Like each year before this one, I came to dread the 14th February.

I tell myself I don't care about it at all. "What a load of commercial rubbish" and the like.

But I always end up caring.

It was a pretty swell day in the end. It didn't go completely Valentine-less and I had a lovely date with Amy Lloyd.

We saw the ultimate romantic comedy. No Strings Attached.

It's the new The Proposal.

He makes her a period mix CD complete with Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. What more could you need!?


Tonight I went to Windsor and it was freaking awesome. I love that it was so Spirit-led. There were heaps of opportunities for the youth to share about what God was doing in their lives and they did! They were so open and shameless about faith and what they were going through.

I want to know how it happened. Wave needs to be more like that. We're lacking an openness which leads to genuine Christian community. It's so important.

Also, Ash led Praise The Lord, which is a sweet worship song. We sang it over and over. So many times. Just the right amount. I saw Ash peek at Ben, the youth pastor and he got the nod that it was ok to keep going. Everyone was into it.


I missed my friend's wedding today. It's pretty stink. I was at work and I just couldn't leave. There was far too much to do.

The concept of someone my age getting married is still pretty strange. It's just as weird now as it was a few years ago. It doesn't get more normal. I wonder if, in five years it will still be weird to have a friend walk down the aisle. That is, if I haven't by then.

I haven't made any plans to get married soon. Don't fret Mum!

It's pretty awesome though. What a commitment. It's a pretty incredible thing to say to someone that you're there "for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, til death do us part." Cliches aside, the words are pretty profound.

Monday, February 14, 2011


It rained so heavily on the bridge tonight. It was a little scary, I'll admit.
But I had my wits about me, it's ok.
There was 20% vision, if that.
The car felt funny when I drove through puddles of water. Driving in torrential rain is not fun.
The Harbour Bridge was the worst part.
By the time I got to Esmonde, the road was dry.
Gotta love the sunny North Shore.


The moon followed me home tonight.
It was a perfect crescent in a blue haze of cloud.
Whenever I looked out my car window it was there gliding along beside me.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


After creating and consuming a delicious Thai curry, Emily and I watched The Book Of Eli.

It was much like The Road except less beautiful.

However, it did leave me with a greater appreciation for the bible.

In the film, all the bibles had been burned 30 years prior and people were going to great lengths, even killing each other to aquire the only one left.

The reverence and awe surrounding the holy book in the film was a bit convicting for me.

It made me wonder whether I hold my bible in high enough regard. Even the bad characters knew of its importance and power.

Everyone was hungry for its words. God's words.

Am I that hungry for His words?


After Sufjan, I am afraid that nothing will be remarkable again.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My mind has been blown. Quite literally. There's a goopy fluid coming out of my ears and I keep finding bits of brains on my clothing. It's gross really.

Because of my lack of functioning organ, I haven't been able to express myself properly since Sufjan Stevens walked onstage. Adorned with glowing tape, flashing lights, and shining glasses, he and the whole 11 piece band made some of the sweetest sounds known to man as they jumped and danced like mad things.

The arrangements were incredible. There were so many instruments, voices and effects but they all came together and blended. I don't know how it happened. The man is legend.

I don't want to ever listen to another song again. I feel like I just experienced something so pure that anything else will just taint it.

Sufjan has left me with the verbal capacity of a one year old. All I can do is open and shut my mouth, emitting slurred and incomprehensible sounds.

I'm surprised I can even type this.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Tonight on the way home I stopped in Mairangi Bay to post a letter. The air was thick and warm as I took a few barefoot steps.
I just felt Summer. I suppose it was because it was so late and I had stopped on an impulse.
I can't really sum up the feeling I had. It just kind of was.

Summer should be filled with impulsiveness. It's a season without rationality.


I've been waking up mere hours after going to sleep for a while now.
It's not the healthiest feeling to wake up and not completely lose the groginess for before midday.
This morning I went out in public with sheet marks all over me. There were creases on my face, my arms and my legs.
It was rather hilarious.
I suppose the remarkable thing was how important sleep actually is. Without it I am a mess. I break down in tears, wander aimlessly, drive terribly, and am just generally unproductive.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I know life can't be based on compliments, but there's no denying it makes you feel good.
Tonight I got quite a few about my dress. It was very nice becuase I wasn't sure about it to begin with. It was an op shop number which took me an afternoon to take up and hem.
The effort was apparently worth it.
I will certainly wear it more often.

I feel very vain that this is my remarkable thing for today.


Sylvia North, Amy Ritchie, a last minute decision to go to a gig, a crush, and Momotea make for a great night out.
It was fun being girls and dressing up and talking about boys.
Amy took many photos and kept wanting to be embarassing like a mum with a camera.
We should ladies night more often.


I love that mushy feeling that romantic films and books give you.
It's just such a good feeling.
There must be a release of endorphins involved when your favourite characters have that beautiful kiss in the final scene because I could not stop grinning after Never Been Kissed even though I've seen it about a million times.


I've never really been a huge fan of scary movies. I don't find them so much thrilling as petrifying.
So I am glad that I never saw the trailer of Black Swan before deciding to go see it tonight. I probably never would have and that would be a travesty.
Although it had Amy and I cowering together in the seats in parts and covering our eyes in others, it was freaking amazing.
There was so much beauty in it. Natalie Portman delivered a flawless performance and the editing was excecuted so well.
I am in love with it.
It has been a while since I've seen something which has left me a little flabbergasted.


Sometimes people are so incredibly talented that it just blows your mind.
Sam Verlinden is 13years old. His voice is more than amazing.
They are so young and they got to play mainstage this morning.



This Parachute has been weird. It seemed way more Christian. It's probably because I keep going to see worship bands play.

It's been such a good day for getting in the face of God. I really love how worship does that. It just takes you straight to Him.

Yesterday at Come and Live I was worshipping and not really feeling it. Life's been a bit crazy recently which has kind of wound me so tight and I've kind of just had my head in this cloud. I know worship isn't about 'feeling it', but I was finding it hard to break out of the cloud and lose myself in God.

Tonight during Edge Kingsland's worship set I finally did this and then God spoke to me heaps through Louie Giglio's message.

Sometimes it just all clicks and you put it all together and it's just, wow.
I had a revelation of God's joy in no matter what is happening. Never give up praising. It's like God was saying, "The storms of this year aren't over. There are more hard times to come, but it's ok because I'm here. Just keep worshipping me."

I've heard it before but it was just so crisp and clear.


Tonight I recieved a gift from a girl I had never met before. It was a little bracelet she had made. She was normally selling them to get a bit of cash but during worship that night God had told her to give them away.
It was just one of those little blessings that made my day that little bit more awesome.


The first day of Parachute is always so long. It usually starts for me before 6am with the drive down and then set-up and into the bands in the evening.
This year was no exception.
I love and hate the hours with nothing to do, waiting for 4pm when the festival begins and having set up all the tents you have. Previous years we've had to do it frantically and use the spare hours to defend our territory against encroaching neighbours. This year was different. Our nearest neghbours seemed miles away by Parachute standards. It was actually quite spacious and delightful.


Today I had a very proud moment. I have never driven with or attached a trailer to my car before in my life and this afternoon I had to do it all by myself.
I unhooked the trailer and dragged it to my car and hooked it all up. It wasn't light either.
It just made me feel all accomplished. Partially in a, "I don't need a man's help" kind of a way.
I then drove it through Browns Bay and up a hill with road works in my little gutless Corolla. At points I felt like I was going to start rolling backwards. We made it home safely though.
It was just one of those things that makes you feel all independent and good about life.


Children can have fun for hours doing things that adults just wouldn't think of.
This morning Milla beene, Kirsten and I had so much fun with a pile of dressups. We were being flower princesses and dancing to 90s hits.
It was so simple and yet so entertaining.


I have wanted to make a rainbow layered cake since I first saw a photo of one a couple of years ago.
Today my dreams came true.
Emily and I set out to buy purple, turquoise, yellow, and blue food colouring to make the cake exciting.
It took hours and hours of mixing, baking, cutting and spreading. Eventually it was in the fridge setting nicely.
In the end it looked amazing. The taste wasn't that great. Very cream-cheese icingey.
I love cream-cheese icing so I was a fan.
It's great to make something so out of the ordinary and something I had been wanting to do for ages.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I love the feeling of discovering beautiful new music.
This is what happened when I attended the Tealight Tour this evening.
The Paper Kites played and I do truly love them. The harmonies and guitar twinkles are so lovely.
I haven't listened to anything else since.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Tonight the sky had an amazing reddish hue. It was as if someone had taken a big brush and mixed some scarlet into the black of the night.
I love how the sky is so unpredictable. You expect it to be all nnormal and than BAM it throws you off with some magenta.

Red has cool synonyms.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Baking is really good fun, especially if done with the world's best four year-old.
We made ladybug cupcakes. Well, that's what Milla beene called them anyway. I think it was because we put berries and chocolate in them.
In the end they resembled a little girl's dreams all come true. They were iced in bright pink and she sprinkled with generous portions little butterflies (buffalos) and various other goodies.
They tasted pretty swell, even if they did look a tad exciting.


I felt very grown up as I went out for a wine and dessert with Kirsten and Debs this evening.
We went to Sunday Painters and boy it was good.
The creme brulee came in vanilla and coffee. Far out I nearly died of yum overload.
But the wine was the best part. I'll admit I have no idea what I'm talking about and I've only just acquired a taste for red wines, but this was just so good.
It was something a bit fancy and French and fruity.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The best thing in the whole world just happened right now.
I was gazing at the moon which has an aura of yellowish blue tonight. It's very crisp and I couldn't even see any stars.
Out of nowhere came the most amazing shooting star I have ever seen. It was huge and bright and had a trail that sparkled.
I'm not utterly convinced it wasn't fireworks. I listened for pops and fizzles but heard nothing.
It was just so bright. It went for ages too. Completely surreal.
I'd like to think it was something special that God orchestrated for me to see on a night like this.
Just when I need it most.


Colouring in a butterfly to send to a little girl I was reminded of the beauty in creating simple things.
Children create all the time. They paint and draw and cut and paste.
Maybe they aren't masterpieces. Neither was my butterfly.
But the process is what matters.
To create something from nothing more than paper and pencils.


Quite often it's the little things people do that can make you smile.

The first of these was a phone call from a certain Stephen Bowler. He sounded weird because being away has given him a bit of an accent so I didn't recognize him. When I did I got all excited. He's home!

As I was turning into my road this afternoon a little old blue Corolla gave way to me. In the driver's seat was Elliot Rice. It was one of those chance encounters that just brightens your day a little bit.

At Foodtown I started my car at the same time as the girl next to me. We kind of looked awkwardly at each other and she smiled and waved me to go first. It wasn't a big deal, but it was just something nice.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Sometimes church is surprisingly good. That happened this morning.
I wasn't really looking forward to it to be honest. I was really tired and only going because I had a meeting afterwards.
Andrew wasn't preaching and I wasn't sure who was. I expected it to be boring. Not a great attitude at all.
When I showed up and saw it was Jonathan I was immediately more enthusiastic. That and the great worship set changed my stubborn mindset.
He preached on Psalm 73 and Jesus as the good shepherd. I really needed to hear it.
God is so cool how he can speak even through a bad attitude.


Two 21sts! That's always the way.

Dylan Marshall's was first and I drove terribly. The boys in the car feared for their lives on more than one occasion. It was so great to chill with camp people. We hardly ever see them so it was special. Dan and Talman serenaded Dylan with their lyrical poetry. We laughed, Dyaln teared up. It was fantastic.

At Elliot's there was a peculiar mix of people. It was strange having school people there and then all the boys who are good friends with my brother. I'm not complaining at all. It was just different.
In the speeches there was much talk of Yu Gi Oh and Mikey was dying because of it.
It was most enjoyable. Especially because there were these delicious little cocktail savouries. Flip yum.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Emily makes a darn good Thai curry. It was so delicious. I'm going to try eat there as much as possible until her parents come home. I really like that when I go there it's so comfortable I can eat so much until I'm stuffed. I don't know how she's so little because she eats a whole lot. It's actually pretty amazing.

I also made a new friend. Well, I say new friend because it became Facebook official. Sophia and I have Kpop in common. I honestly got far too excited as we talked about our favourite bands. I have to learn to reign it in a little. Honestly I was giggling and flailing my arms and talking way too quickly.


My brother really is very fun.
I was in the living room with Em and Amy just eating some flan and playing bananagrams when Daniel came home.
He made us laugh a lot and instigated a rude words only round.
It was pretty hilarious.

Also, the flan. I had wanted to make it for such a long time. Ever since season 1, episode 14 of Sabrina which was weeks ago. It felt really good to finally do it, even if it tasted like scrambled eggs with sugar.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I am once again aware of how blessed I am to live in this beautiful place.
Mum took Dan and I out for dinner down in Mairangi Bay this evening. She was well pleased I passed my exams last year so it was celebratory.
Anyway, it was absolutely delicious. Blessing no. 1, being able to eat dinner out at a restaurant. I suppose eating dinner at all is more than many people in the world have.
After dinner we walked along the beach and around to Murrays Bay. Blessing no. 2, living so close to the beach.
It really is a beautiful walk. Even better when you walk over the cliff on the way back. The view from up there is stunning.
The whole time I felt pretty because I had just had my hair cut and she styled it all curly and fun. Blessing no. 3, being able to afford the sheer vanity of an expensive hairdresser.

So blessed.

Monday, January 10, 2011


It was my first proper day back at work today. Seeing all the cars parked in their usual spots plus a new addition made me all excited about the prospect of a new year filled with its own challenges and achievements.
The new addition was Han's green Kia.
Although it was weird sitting in the meeting without JD or Willie and I'll have to get used to having objects thrown at me all day, I think it's going to be fun.
This year I want to be a better leader to my team. I want to care more for the people I serve. I also want to be more organized.
It is going to be a great year.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


This afternoon I spent two hours with the roof, waterblaster, Sufjan Stevens and my thoughts. The steady rhythm and seeing the roof change colour before my eyes was very therapeutic. I danced to my music a bit which must have looked slightly insane to the rest of the world. The rooftop isn't exactly the most discreet place to bust a move.
It was especially nice to do something around the house and for Dad. He's been working hard recently. I came home from holiday to shelves everywhere, a new cupboard and heaps of little favours. It was good to do something in exchange. I haven't been so good at that recently.

Friday, January 7, 2011


After a delicious lemon meringue pie from Frasers, Amy and I rolled around a patch of grass in Mt Eden, pulling out grass. It was very therapeutic. Then we had a war. By the end of it we were covered in blades of grass and laughing hysterically.


Today I saw Bryan! It was happy. He likes Kpop now! That might be a stretch, but it's exciting nonetheless.

Also, I folded all of my clothes and put them in my new wardrobe. I came home from camping to see that Dad had built me one. It was the loveliest surprise. In the changeover a whole pile of my clothes was on the floor of my room for a few days. It feels so good to have them all folded and put away. Burden-free.
They are so tidy too. You've never seen anything so tidy in your life.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Sometimes life throws some crazy stuff at you. People are unpredictable and disappointing. Not always, but sometimes.
Life can feel like it's out of control, spinning around you and there's nowhere to focus.
In these times I like to take comfort because God is constant. He's solid and unchanging.
Chaos and turmoil may be all around, but he's there and because of that fact alone, it's going to be ok.

Psalm 55

12 If an enemy were insulting me,
I could endure it;
if a foe were rising against me,
I could hide.
13 But it is you, a man like myself,
my companion, my close friend,
14 with whom I once enjoyed sweet fellowship
at the house of God,
as we walked about
among the worshipers.


22 Cast your cares on the LORD
and he will sustain you;
he will never let
the righteous be shaken.
23 But you, God, will bring down the wicked
into the pit of decay;
the bloodthirsty and deceitful
will not live out half their days.

But as for me, I trust in you.


Spa at Rob's!
Flip it was so good. He's been so absent recently so it was great to see him. And also spa times!
They always make me feel a weird mixture of too hot and too cold at the same time. It's like the steam is all in your face and your limbs get so hot but then outside the water it's too chilly.
I kind of like the feeling. It's very strange though. Like it's unnatural.


Our tranquil holiday came to an end today. After the mad cliff walk we had a swim in the bay by the carpark. There was a raft type thing out at sea which we lounged on. We reminisced about our time and the huge blessing it was.
In the early hours of this morning, after the fire had been put out, we had a church service on our grassy knoll. There was much iPod worship, we had communion, and Laban shared. God's love and grace were poring out. There are no words.
Out there on that raft in the ocean we remembered all that He had taught us and created and blessed us with in our time at "The Old Tawh".
As we were about to leave, Amy suggested we pray. And we did. Prayer does special things. It's including God in every day and crediting him for the awesomeness of life.


Today has been a day of blessing. We went to church at Clevedon Presbyterian this morning. It was a sweet service. There were some people who Laban and Amy knew already and we got invited to someone's house for lunch. It was so delicious. They made their own bread! But also the company was great and the way they just opened their home was really great.
When we got back to the campsite we made friends with a new family who had set up there. They ended up giving us fresh cooked snapper for dinner which was delicious and we toasted marshmallows on their fire.
People can be really awesome. There was so much to be thankful about today.


The grassy knoll featured prominently in the events of today. To be honest, the beauty of today was that there were no events.
We awoke after sleeping on the knoll to a beautiful, dewless morning. The rest of the day was spent in leisure. Kipping on the knoll, sunbathing, bananagramming and swimming.
It was a great day which allowed a lot of time to reflect on last year and make resolutions.


Tonight marked the turn of the year. To celebrate we gazed at more stars and the boys built a fire.
Like stars, fire is entrancing. At no moment will it ever be the same again. It flickers and licks in a beautiful way for something so destructive.
We listened to some worship as we watched the fire and we prayed together for the new year.
It was incredibly special.


When you get out of the city the stars are truly breathtaking. We lay back on our grassy knoll and stared at the night sky.
The stars twinkled in a way which we couldn't understand. We could see clusters which were constellations and every few minutes we'd all make noises because of a shooting star.
There's something intimate about looking at the sky, but also something so impersonal. You realise your own insignificance as you see how vast the universe is.


Anticipation is a crazy thing. The anticipation itself isn't always very nice to experience, but it can heighten the awesomeness of the subject of anticipation.
Today I was anticipating camping for 5 nights with friends at a little beach. There were many questions.
Is the walk with all our gear going to be too difficult? What if someone gets hurt and we can't get medical help soon enough? Are we all going to get along? Will we have enough to do? Will we get sick of each other after 5 days?
Turns out that all of these questions were void. I didn't know that until our trip was over, however. The whole thing was incredible and I think the anticipation of it all just added to it.