Sunday, September 30, 2012


Tonight was the gig of my life.

Tom Lark
Farah Loux
Great North

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, especially Tom Lark because, well, he's as fun to look at as sing along to.

Besides the fact that they are all great bands, two factors influenced the enjoyability by a substantial amount.

1. I haven't been to a gig in a very long time. It used to go to gigs at least once a week, but not anymore. Although my bank account is happier, my heart is not.

This was such a great gig to fill the emptiness inside. It had all the makings of the good old days such as the fantastic music, the venue (Kings Arms) with the perfect amount of grungy memories of intoxicated boys forming a pit during Bryan's solos, and catching up unexpectedly with friends from many different places.

2. I had a few great encounters with people. Conversation just seemed to flow. Sometimes it can be awkward because there are so many people I kind of know, but tonight it was not scary at all.

I love when people are suprisingly friendly. Not in a creepy way, but just in a "we've talked a few times and I'm not uncomfortable with taking it to the friendship level". It can be a bit weird sometimes, navigating that boundary between aquaintance and full blown friend, but it's always a relief when someone breaks that ice.

Tonight it was the form of a hand on the waist and a gentle sway to the music.

Don't be too excited. It was a female.


Today I recreated the Collins' house on The Sims. I was pretty proud of how it turned out. I used to love playing The Sims. I would spend hours doing it, but I was never great at designing houses.

This one is fantastic though. It is a replica of a real house, but I will still take full credit.

I love playing games of the past. Sometimes they don't match up to the fun level nostalgia gives them, but the fact that I was up well past midnight playing it means that this one is still as great as ever.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


I woke up feeling pretty gross today. You know, the kind of sick that has you feeling your heartbeat in every muscle as it resounds from your head to your toes through the shivers and aches.


So I wasn't really looking forward to lifegroup tonight. I love the girls but the prospect of talking for a couple of hours with a sore throat wasn't very inspiring. I had a pray on the way that it would turn out better than I expected and it really did.

There were only a few girls there, but I feel like we had good conversations and I really enjoyed hanging out with them. I came home with a big, happy heart.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Mama Heng made me laksa tonight. It was so delicious. I loved every moment of it. And there was a lot of it!

It was perfect. The perfect hotness and ingredients. The tofu was freaking delicious!

And the best part was that she loved that I loved it and even told me how to make it. Yay! Points with Mama Heng!


For the first time in a very long while I had nowhere to go and no one to see, apart from an appointment with  the couch.

It was an amazing feeling to just sit and relax all day long, and even all night.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Today was the biggest mission of my life. That was an exaggeration. But there was a lot to achieve even without the added pressures of tiredness and emotion that I was experiencing.

That's why it was surprising that Kids' Church went extremely well. I can't pinpoint a specific reason, only that I was encouraged by many little things including a very cute activity sheet made for me by one of the six year old girls.

It was evidence that what we've been putting all the effort into by trying to get parents to do stuff at home with their kids is paying off. She is getting it.

If you'd told me 2 years ago that this particular girl would be responding so well, I would have stared at you in disbelief. There were tantrums and dramas each Sunday for a while as we tried to help her settle in.

But something is working and she is loving it. And I am honoured to be part of her journey of faith and discovery.

Sometimes it's hard to get up on a Sunday morning, but these little things make it worth it.

Here's her activity page (we've been learning about respect and I've been dressed up as a pilot each week to help make the message engaging by pretending we're on a plane):


It has been years since I have had a sleepover. That's why it was so fun to talk until the wee hours with Von this morning.

After 12 is always the best time for honest conversation with darkness as a shield and a teddy named Harreh for comfort.

Sometimes it's refreshing to get your guts out.


This morning I had a date.

With Sarah.

It was so lovely to see her face! Even if it was through a computer screen. It's so much better to talk as opposed to typing messages to each other. I'm not the most reliable at that.

But I sat outside with the sun on my back and we chatted about her adventures and life in general.

Such a moment of contentment.


The Songwriter of the Year finals were on tonight and once again I was so proud to know a couple of the talented musicians.

This year it really felt like they were just having so much fun up there. It was great to be drawn in to their excitement and passion like that. One of the guys had even coreographed a little dance for his chorus! It was hilarious.

And I think Matt Nanai should have got an award because he was practically in everyone's band and he wore an alligator costume. PLUS his harmonies are amazing.

That's enough gushing over someone I have never met.


Staying at the Collins' has been a whole lot of fun. Tonight was my turn to make dinner and I thought I'd give Dak Galbi a go.

I was quite nervous because they're not wannabe Koreans like Melinda or I so I wasn't convinced they'd love it.

But even with a couple of missing ingredients and a bit of improvisation it turned out to be flippin delicious.

I'm not the most confident cook so it was a huge relief that they seemed to love it, even going back for more. That's a sure sign of success. It felt good.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Today I cut Melinda's hair! It was the first time I had ever done anything of the sort, apart from a few shoddy self fringe trim attempts.

It came out pretty good!

I was more than a little proud of my efforts.

Please form an orderly queue because I will cut your hair for free.

Monday, September 17, 2012


This morning I woke up at the Collins' house in my beautiful double bed.

I made a cup of tea and toast and went back to bed to read and enjoy the sunlight which was streaming in.

I was so content right there. When I own a home, I am going to have a bedroom which faces the morning sun and relish those moments.


This evening I looked out the window to see the sun setting in the distance.

In the foreground, the mist was doing crazy things and there was layer upon layer of trees, forming a 3D pop-up landscape. It really was quite breathtaking.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Football is a great game to watch. It is even better when you have friends playing in the cup final.

It was an intense nail-biter of a game which went into extra time with the winning goal, a penalty to the Albany United Africans (my friends).

It was fantastic! I love seeing them all so happy.

We Gangnam Styled at the end of the game, like true champion supporters.


Nana has learnt to text. Often.

After receiving a few not-so-subtle requests for me to visit them, thinly masked in offers of pumpkin soup, I put on my granddaughter of the year hat and went to their apartment.

Poppa wasn't in the best shape. He felt nauseated and looked worn out. He didn't even enjoy his Jelly Tip!

Nana had just the trick to cheer him up though. She started reminiscing and surfacing fond memories of school days and how she used to admire him.

It is really strange how a memory can be so dear to one person, but not another. For example, Nana recalled a time when Poppa helped a lady and her child onto a bus. He folded the pram for her like a true gentleman and lifted the child onboard. Nana, watching on, was so impressed and admired him for it.

She still remembers it, and it was a very long time ago. By the way she told the story I knew it was so fond to her, but Poppa couldn't remember it at all.

It seems so insignificant, but to her it was important.


I approach mentor meetings both with a sense of dread, and excitement. Mostly it depends on the space I'm in, whether or not I have anything on my chest that I've been wanting to rant about, or if I'm feeling confident and just like having a chat.

This week it was a mixture. The questions were quite probing and I knew it would open up some things, but God intended them to be laid bare so that's the way it was.

It was relief mostly at the end of it. And it's good to be on the same page.

It's really special to have that trust to share what's really going on and see your situation from another perspective.


This morning at Mainly Music I just realized how special it is to get to know the beautiful families for a few years in a row and to see babies go from just-born to ready for school and be on that journey with many of the mums.

It's beautiful to witness kids growing, week after week, not just in size, but social skills and maturity as well.

Plus some of them are so darn cute.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


You know when you wait in anticipation for something for months, and as it gets closer to the date, you get more and more excited and your expectations are built up higher than a skyscraper?

Then it all comes crumbling down around you as the thing you were anticipating turns out to be miles below the bar you set for it?

Well, that didn't happen tonight.

Moonrise Kingdom, the Wes Anderson film has been on my 'to watch' list for a very long time. It seems like forever ago that I first saw the trailer, and since then I'd been quite excited.

Wes Anderson is one of my favourite directors. The way he takes reality and adds just the right amount of quirk is perfection. His characters are always endearing, the settings quaint, and the editing is nothing but fun.

As soon as the opening sequence started, I knew Moonrise Kingdom was going to be a treat. The way he shot different rooms of the house in a cross-section, like a dollhouse was genius. We panned and tracked from room to room and caught a glimpse of the characters with a beautiful piece of music playing on the family's coveted record player.

It was delightful.

This isn't meant to be a film review though.

I was just in awe of the creativity and mastery of Wes Anderson's filmmaking.

It was quite spectacular.


I think this counts as today because it was after midnight.

So Amy was at my house and it was late. We felt like dancing so we went upstairs and flicked through the music channels to find the most adequate soundtrack.

What ensued would have been hilarious for the onlooker.

We both went into our private worlds of dance. With serious faces we were twisting, jumping, and twirling.

A few songs in, I snapped out of it and realized how ridiculous we were and just started laughing.

It was a fantastic moment.

We didn't particularly care so we just kept on boogie-ing.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Tonight I was brave and did something I haven't done since high school - I acted in a play.

It was a rather terrifying experience as I kept procrastinating learning lines and practising at home.

I've been so nervous the past couple of weeks because of it, even feeling sick from the stress.

It all turned out alright this evening though. I didn't forget any lines or blocking, and I think I said them with reasonable conviction. No Oscar nominations, but it was good enough.

I had to be a pregnant woman, which was a bit of a challenge. I'm pretty sure I never want to actually be pregnant after that. Yes, it's a miracle and an honour, but having a beachball under my dress was discomfort enough!

I'm sure I'll change my mind at some stage.

In the middle of the performance the weirdest thing happened. It was like I was outside of myself, looking on. I just thought about what would happen if I just stopped acting and walked off, and imagined all of the reactions. I had to snap myself back to what I was doing and remember my next lines. It felt so odd.

But yes. Acting is absolutely nerve-shattering, but it's good fun.


At dusk this evening, the sky was the most vibrant shade of orange.

It was so bright that gold reflected off the pools of water collected on the deck.

It was a beautiful moment to behold with the silhouettes of the trees in stark contrast to the bright sky.

I could have admired it longer if it wasn't so freezing outside.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Bowling is one of the most fun activities you can do.

It really does bring people together.

Tonight, Amy and I went bowling and it was just so fun. We shared disappointments and highs together as gutterballs were followed by strikes.

We danced, squealed with delight, shook our booties, and high fived.

What a great game!


It's good to have real conversations.

To go past the surface into stuff that's ordinarily difficult to say.

Tonight such a conversation took place and it was refreshing.


Tonight after lifegroup I went to Von's.

We took little candles into her spare room and lay in the darkness singing and finding words.

She played chords and we just sang what came in the hopes that it would form some sort of actual song.

It felt good.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Don't some people just make you happy to be around?

I found another such person and she brightened my day today.

Sometimes she thinks she's a dolphin.

She loves to dance, even if her style is a little crazy.

She speaks in a very cute accent which is fun to imitate.

Her name is Mika and I like being friends, even though she doesn't like Beyonce.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Oh boy did it rain today!

There was a huge pool at the bottom of my driveway which splashed over the roof of my car as I zoomed through it.

Further down the road I saw a bigger, more formidable puddle which would have been fun to drive through, but as the water was above the top of my wheels I thought I better not!

I took a slight detour and was on my way to work, mapping out a route in my head to make sure I avoided valleys and possible floods.

It's crazy how weather can interrupt our days sometimes. This was just a small reminder of how powerless we are in the face of nature.


I think it's time for me to start documenting the remarkable in my life.

Tonight it was at church.

As I prayed with Jessamy and Mika something broke within me. In a good way.

I've been feeling lately that I just want to get back to what it was like as a teenager in my relationship with God.  There used to be passion, fire, moments of abandon, and an unwavering desire for Him.

I want that again.

I am going to pursue that instead of settling for the excuse that as your faith matures, you lose many of those emotional moments.

Codswallop! Bring back the tears and His tangible presence.