Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Bubbles are very cool, especially when they are unexpected.
Like today when the wheels of the car in front of me produced bubbles on the tarmac in the carpark.
I'd like to know how it works.
It was really quite amazing.
I just thought, "Bubbles, what are you doing there? You are not meant to be on the ground like that. You should be flying free. Fly bubbles, FLY!"


I should be old enough to manage shopping by myself by this age. I felt very illequipped today, however. I managed to buy two slips thinking I could return the first for a refund. No such luck. I also bought two pairs of black shorts. They are both pretty great though and I promise to wear them.

The best part about shopping by myself is the fashion show for Mum when I get home. As much as I hate to admit it, her approval is very important. I don't know what I'll do without this ritual when I move out. I'll never be sure of myself in any new clothes.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Jesus Christ, the Son of God came down to this Earth just over 2000 years ago.
God stepped down into the chaos of this world to arrive as a tiny baby.
It was on the most hectic night, spent in a cave amongst animal dung that Jesus came.
The God of the whole universe who created you and me and this planet we live on came down and walked around on it with people like you and me. It is unfathomable.

This is my favourite carol because I think it says it all. Read the lyrics please.

Once in royal Davids city,
Stood a lowly cattle shed,
Where a mother laid her Baby,
In a manger for His bed:
Mary was that mother mild,
Jesus Christ, her little Child.

He came down to earth from heaven,
Who is God and Lord of all,
And His shelter was a stable,
And His cradle was a stall:
With the poor, and mean, and lowly,
Lived on earth our Saviour holy.

For He is our childhood's pattern;
Day by day, like us, He grew;
He was little, weak, and helpless,
Tears and smiles, like us He knew;
And He cares when we are sad,
And he shares when we are glad.

And our eyes at last shall see Him,
Through His own redeeming love;
For that Child so dear and gentle,
Is our Lord in heaven above:
And He leads His children on,
To the place where He is gone.

The best part about this Christmas day in particular came right at the end.
The Amies and I exchanged gifts on Amy Lloyd's bed. There was so much happiness and friendship expressed in the creating and choosing of gifts. Amy R made us calendars. they are so beautiful and must have taken hours. Amy L got me a Frankie subscription which is awesome because I love it millions.
I really am so grateful to have such incredible friends. I feel so blessed.
Amy L found us friendship rings. It's a set of three!

A bit of a long one tonight. Hopefully you made it.


Oh to be a child at Christmastime.
That's what I thought this morning when Millabeene was jumping about the place, not able to contain her excitement.
It really was very cute. She couldn't stand still at all. With every word she spoke she would bounce.

I think it's beautiful the lack of self-control a child has. I know it makes them irresponsible and in need of a caregiver, but maybe if adults could get that excited about life more often, the world would be heaps more fun.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today was stinking hot.
I walked out of the air-conditioned Starbucks in which I had been sitting for two hours and the heat hit me in the face. It was stifling.
I absolutely love it though.
Even the not being able to breathe and feeling sticky.


Today was my Poppa's birthday. The way his face lit up when we walked in singing, arms laiden with gifts was so beautiful.
He doesn't get many visitors and is sick so he can only sit in his chair all day and watch the birds play outside.
Mum had a stroke of genius when she bought him a birdbath. Now he can watch them swim too.

I just love the way he can't even keep his joy at seeing us under wraps. It kind of just puts a smile on his face, even when he tries to be grumpy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I've never been big on emotional stuff and being all girly.
I don't know whether it's all the chick flicks I've been watching recently or what, but I've been blubbering a bit as of late. Suddenly I'm all vulnerable.
Tonight at Amy's I did a lot of crying. It was quite therapeutic to just talk and blow my nose heaps. She got a rare insight into my head. I kinda just talked out of the overflow of my brain. It couldn't hold in all this stuff anymore so it unleashed it all through my mouth into Amy's ears.
She's pretty good. She didn't freak out at my tears. Or my piles of snotty tissues. Honestly, it was a neverending stream.


Tonight Han came over and we chilled. It was super nice cos it's been a while.
I really appreciate that we can just hang and it doesn't take effort. He's not difficult to be friends with at all.


The little back window of my car got smashed tonight in Parnell. It was like someone got a stick and just rammed it for no reason. Nothing else was taken or different, just that window.

I think I'm ok with it. At the moment it's got pink plastic and blue tape on it. Not exactly discreet. It'll be fixed sometime soon I hope.

It was just one of those things that happens. Usually to other people though.

Friday, December 17, 2010


It's been pretty bleak weather these past few days. Movie watching weather.
I went to the cinema twice!
First of all to see Narnia with Michelle Skuxx which was very lovely. Everything about it. It even healed me of my cough a bit.
Then I went back and saw Easy A with Amy R. Definitely a favourite. That film had us giggling a lot. I really, really enjoyed.


Staying up until 3:30am just chatting is a rarer occurrence now I'm past the age of slumber parties. Tonight, however, Kirsten, Amy and Emily were still at my house and we were discussing life.
Predominantly Kirsten's life. It was good to soak it up and apply what I could to my life.
These chats are going to be very helpful I think.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Delicious baking is delicious.
Sylvia is very good at it. We made these Danish bread rolls with chocolate in them.
Sometimes when you taste something so good, it's just too good for words to describe.
These little delights are like that.
Honestly, we'll just have to make some more for you.


I watched Mikki and Michelle's circus show tonight.
They can bend and spin and balance so incredibly well.
It made me think how incredible the human body is and how strong they are.
They did tricks on a bar suspended by ropes. They spun around it, flipped over it, did the splits and other crazy stunts.
I wish I could. Spose it would just take heaps of training.


I haven't been out for a meal which was truly scrumptious in a long time.
Today this changed.
Staff lunch at McHughes in Devonport. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS.
I can't describe it well enough. There was asparagus in bernaise sauce and crumbed fish and tartare sauce. Yum!
The company wasn't bad either. Andrew always has a funny anecdote, Debbie wrote us poems, and Willie was late so we threw streamers at him.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I went to NBC this evening and after we went to Burger Fuel and Mt. Victoria. Ben, Lydia, Laban and Pete serenaded us. It was just humbling to be up there with so much creation, so much lights and so much talent. I marvel that even though those people are super gifted in ways which I would really, really love to be, they are so normal and judgement-less. We all just sang and didn't mind.
Also, Lydia was grooving to the likes of Tatu, Aqua, Nsync, and Peter Andre in the car. Once you have shared that experience with someone, you care less about a pitchy note on the top of a mountain.


Amy and I went to watch this production for kids in which Phil played keys. It was a very strange feeling of out of placeness. We weren't entirely comfortable up the front, so close we could touch the stage. However, as most kids things do, it broke us down until we became absorbed. Amy even cried (it counts as crying if a single tear trickles).
Adults are way too careful about making a fool of themselves. I regret not hollering as Santa marched around the stage, or waving wholeheartedly when he looked at me.
The hesitancy to do those things is what separates adults from kids.

I want to be a kid again and not care.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Whilst walking home from Mairangi Bay beach to get togs I realised once again how much I love living here.
In summer it turns into a beachside holiday town. People wander about barefoot and in togs. The togs-to-undies boundary is past the shops so this is quite acceptable.
There is an atmosphere of relaxation and sun.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Night air is some of the best air possible.
It is so crisp and clean.
I realised this as I stepped out onto my balcony to admire the stars.
It's too bad that night air is characteristically chilly.
It was too fresh to stay out there for too long.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Tarien and Jane are getting baptised!
I was in Browns Bay talking to them about it this afternoon.

After we'd been serious for a bit, Tarien started making Wookie noises. She taught me how. It was a bit loud though and people were around.
It's good to decide you don't care and just make a fool of yourself in the name of fun.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sometimes you just need home.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have never before in my life been as tired as I was this morning.
I got up early to have coffee with Emma and as soon as my eyes opened they reacted violently to any form of light.
I can't imagine how people go to town three nights a week and add alcohol to the mix. It must be terrible.
I think I'm getting old.
It was a bit fun though, to walk like a zombie through the day. Debbie had to repeat herself three times before an instruction made it through my glaze.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I had been anticipating tonight for a very long time. It was the Wave Ball. Everything went so well. I think we covered our budget even!
The band came through at the last minute (totally God's provision), Emily's backdrop looked gorgeous, and people danced!
The dancing was worrying me. It would have sucked if no one did it.
But they got down and shaked their booties.
Fun was had by all.
What a relief.


I love Olivia Burt.
She's pretty mature. It was so good talking to her because she can challenge me on things. We were together for pretty much the whole of Willie's 21st.
I hadn't seen her in a long time.
It was very, very refreshing. Sometimes you just need someone defferent to pop into life and spice things up.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Tonight after lifegroup I dropped everyone home and taking the last of the girls was awesome. We just sat in the car at the end of her driveway and talked for ages. It was like an hour. A good God chat about friends, family, church etc.
I need to be open and less busy for God to use me and for me to see opportunities like that more. She needed someone and I needed to listen.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Kirsten spoke to us girls about her testimony tonight. I knew a bit about it before and kind of what she's feeling about mentoring us girls some but it still moved me.

I want to be real with people.
Not to have this facade.
I don't want to seem like I have it all together.
Because I don't.

Hopefully that's what us girls at church can achieve.

There are millions of things going on. For many of us we need a group of girls to offload to. To get advice from. To pray with.

I hope we can all be real together.


Laban is 21!!! And he also features in this post. Hoorah.

We went up Mt Victoria to celebrate. Again with blankets and people. The musically capable had guitars and we got to hear some beautiful originals from the likes of Pete, Ben and Stephanie.

The acousticness and the stars mingled and made me feel. I just felt.

You know when you can't describe it. You just feel.

It's a bit sentimental, a bit emotional, a bit of other things too.


Laban had a bunch of people at his house this evening to watch E.T. outside in his garden.
This is one of the best ideas ever in the world for a birthday.
We became friends with the mozzies and moths and cuddled in blankets.
Things were beautiful.
Although I left early I still really appreciated the idea.
So creative.


There is something fantastic about barefeet.
It is the essence of summer.
I love living in the East Coast Bays because you are never so far from the beach that you can't stroll around barefoot. You can even go into shops without shoes on.
The radius of acceptability is slightly blurry though.
For instance, I think if you are in Browns Bay or suchlike it is allowed. However, the mall is not ok.
Nor are any toilets.

Today it was my car and an op shop in Torbay. That's ok I think.

Driving in barefeet is just so natural. It makes the car kind of an extension of yourself which you are controlling with your body. Like another limb.


We came to be good friends with a blow up dolphin named Frank while we were away.
He guarded our tent from humans and creatures alike in our absence. Although, he didn't do a very good job of it as Amy L found a gigantic spider by her head. You can imagine the debacle that ensued.

Anyhow, Frank came to be part of the family. Which is why it is very sad for me to tell you that he is dead. Probably washed up on a shore somewhere, pecked to bits by seagulls, deflated and alone.

I simply turned my back for one second in the water and he was gone, carried away by the wind. Amy swam after him for far too long and was also nearly carried away by the current. Seriously, she was beyond earshot. I feared for her life too. Seagulls can be scary. Especially ones brought up in the ghetto of South Auckland.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


There is something really special about secludedness. Not just the word, either.

The Amies and I went camping for a night at a tiny little bay with no one else around.

Because it was so private we got to do things we wouldn't often do.

The whole of nature was our changing room. We could get our kit off at any moment without fear that someone would see. And get our kits off we did.

How very freeing.

I could share more of our antics but I think I'll stop there.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The feeling of warm sun on my back is possibly my favourite ever.

It somehow gives one a sense of complete security, like a blanky never could.

It's even better in a black woolen cardigan.

As Amy and I sat on the ledge at Mairangi Bay beach this evening, the sun was behind us as we stared at the ocean. It really was beautiful.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Gift-giving brings so much joy.

I gave two gifts this morning.

One was a journal to Clarissa who spotted it ages ago in the bookshop where we were buying things. I sneakily put it aside for her.

The second was a bible for this little boy at Kids' Church. He's been asking his mum all about God and she got so fed up with him she is sending him to church.
He was well pleased with the gift. His face looked all chuffed and he didn't let go of it for the rest of the morning. He kept touching it as if he couldn't believe it was his.

The feeling you get when you give something which is so appreciated is very nice. It's difficult to describe. Kind of just like a warmness.


Old-time baches are awesome. I visited one today.
Everything was wooden. The chairs, floors, benches, cupboards, tables. Everything.
It really was the perfect bach.
It was on poles! It had lemon trees and a deck.
Ahh such fun we could have there in summer.
If only my family owned it.


There is a certain ratio of guilt to the amount of time spent in pajamas during the day.

I find that if it goes past 11am I become a paranoid wreck, hearing a knock at the door at least once every ten minutes.
Life becomes difficult, and I end up changing so that my day can begin.

Even if I just sit my bum back down on the computer chair, as long as its in daytime attire, things are going to be ok.


I have posted it before, but I will reiterate.

Music is amazing.
It has the power to make you feel stuff.
It can move you, even if you are firmly stuck in your spot.
It can break down barriers between you and the outside world.

Tonight at Tabac, listening to Lydia Cole and Luke Thompson these things happened for me.

My eyes even welled up.
Then I remembered I was in a bar and only lame people cry in bars, usually at closing time and whilst having a whine to the bar tender. Well, they do in movies. I've never seen it. Nor have I been in a bar at closing time.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


The moment I had been waiting for arrived today. I was afraid that the amount of hype surrounding the second-to-last installment of the Harry Potter films would mean my expectations were too high.

They weren't.

It was a pretty great film. It met my expectations. It didn't outdo itself but I wasn't disappointed.

I like that there were moments that made me jump and many that made me laugh.

If only we had dressed up.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Beware at semi-high tide along the walkway between Mairangi and Campbell's Bays. The water splashes and does not mind who gets soaked.

Being the gentleman, I offered to walk oceanside. Sam appreciated, especially when the water chased our ankles.

It wasn't too bad so I became careless. I bent down to a little pool to rinse my icecream tub (I highly recommend the coffee gelato from Paper Moon). I was quite happily doing so when a huge wave attacked. It completely drenched me on one side. It was such a shock. We both cracked up so hard.

We shared a beautiful moment.


There is so much value in chilling with people of a different age group.

I spend a lot of time with people younger than me. Kids teach me to always wonder at things in the universe, to have faith and to be able to laugh about almost everything. Youth teach me how broken this world is and how much God loves and cares for each of his children. They show me that it's not good enough just to talk about things, but we have to act on our convictions.

I don't spend enough time with people a lot older than myself. They are so wise and caring and they just want to have a conversation. It is also so easy. Many elderly people have had so many awkward conversations in their life they know how to keep dialogue rolling. If you tell them something, often they will remember it because they really do want to know how uni is going or what you're learning about with God. Many are prayer warriors and you can guarantee when they say they'll pray for you, they will. I am so grateful for Bob Rope, this man from church with a heart for kids' ministry who prays for me every day.

These thoughts sprang from having lunch with the Mainly Music team. They are a bunch of older ladies making a HUGE difference in the lives of a whole lot of mothers and toddlers from the community.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Church last night had an incredible atmosphere of friendliness and just love.
It was smaller and everyone kind of knew everyone else so that made the difference.
I felt like I could have a conversation with everyone easily and just laugh.

It was like church should always be

So natural.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Banoffie pie is incredibly delicious. This deliciousness is intensified when you mix it with two Amies and Ten Things I Hate About You.

That film is timeless. Universal themes. Just like Shakespeare.

It may have just overtaken Dirty Dancing and The Proposal to take the title of my favourite film of all time. Shockhorror!

But honestly, it has got to be the most quotable film in existence.


I am officially free from instituted learning for three-and-a-half months.
It feels pretty good.

On my way home I noticed some daisies. They have probably been flourishing in grass patches all over the country for a while. It was just today that I noticed though.

Daisies are one of the best reminders of summer I reckon. Once you see them, it's all on.

I was going to pick a bunch and make a daisy chain on the bus. In retrospect I really should have.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


One of my favourite smells is freshly washed clothing. It smells like laundry powder and is all soft and clean-like. It's just so comforting.

What's better is when you iron that item of clothing and put it on straight away. The heat intensifies the smell and it's so cosy.

That happened today.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Fresh strawberries are so delicious. Especially when they are the first of the season.
It has been a very long time since I had eaten one. I just held the punnet and smelled them for a little bit. So delicious. So juicy.

It reminded me of when I would go strawberry picking in Albany when I was little. I'd just spend the whole time eating them and only when mum announced that it was time to go would I hastily throw some in the bucket to be weighed.

Fond memories.


Bubbles are really amazing.
They are so colourful and the way they float and eventually fall is amazing.
I have this bubble mixture in my room. It makes the best bubbles. They smell like mint and they make a really cool popping sound.
I could watch them for ages.

(Beware of the "bubbles" Google image search. Apparently there is a promiscuous lady with a really big bottom by that name)

Monday, November 8, 2010


Today was the first time I've been home alone for a while. Maybe it was the first time I realised it.
The house was empty which meant I could sing at the top of my lungs, even pee with the bathroom door open.
There is a certain freedom in aloneness.
I quite like it.
I suppose intimacy is when you are with someone and you can act as you would if you were alone.
I haven't quite reached the leaving-the-toilet-door-open-stage with anyone yet.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


The sky was beautiful as I drove home from church. It was cloudless and blue except for a hazy pink band.

When I looked at it all at once it was outrageously lovely. A photograph of that moment could definitely make its way around Tumblr.

Just for fun I focussed my eyes on the blue part under the pink stripe. Gradually the whole sky became blue and the pink disappeared. It was incredible.

It got me thinking. Obviously I must have been feeling a tad pensive and deep.

It's so easy for us to take our eyes off the beauty.

What I mean is that we can be distracted by so many things or even just one thing in our life which takes all of the splendour out of the simplest, most awe-inspiring things. When we stop looking for things which are truly spectacular, slowly our senses are dulled to them. It becomes harder to find inspiration and appreciate small things in life which deserve to be appreciated.

Like that pink line in the sky.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


When organising an event you send out the invitations, plan a bit, maybe make some food and hope people show up. There is usually a little bit of tension when it gets to around about starting time and no one has showed. Most of the time it happens though. People come and happiness is achieved.

I've never worried too much.

Tonight Amy's workmate had a small party. It was intentionally small but I think he expected more than just Amy, Logan and I. It ended up being ok because his niece was there and she amused us for ages and also there were fireworks.

It just struck me that not everyone is as lucky as I am to have great friends. I always know that someone will be keen to chill if I text them and if not it's no big deal.


Today is cool because you get to play with fire and explosions and make loud noises.
We went to the bunkers at Castor Bay when it got dark and set off fireworks. They bounce off the walls and ceiling and make huge resounding booms that echo.
It is really VERY exciting.
It's so thrilling when something goes wrong like when Nick pointed his Roman Candle behind him at people or when the big one fell over or when they bounced off the roof and towards us. We just ran screaming.

A great time was had by all.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This morning began with a large caramel latte, the beach, and the Amies.
It was a very nice start to the day allbeit a tad chilly.
I love that we live so close and by the beach. We are so fortunate.
Moreso that we can be such good friends.
That's the best part.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It is easy to act like everything is going well.

Someone will ask, "How are you?" and I find myself answering, "I'm good thanks" without a second thought.

I have said it so many times over the past few days, even when it isn't true and even to close friends. On one occasion I even said, "I'm really good!" in a very enthusiastic manner.

I'm going to make more effort to be slightly more honest in my reply to that question. Mix it up a little.

Sometimes it could get a tad awkward, especially if you're talking to someone who you don't know so well. You reply, "Not so great really" and in order to make it seem like they actually did care about your answer when they asked the question, they have to inquire as to why you feel that way. Then you either tell them the whole story, bearing your heart in a way which is inappropriate to your current relationship with said aquaintance, or you blow them off with an, "I don't really want to talk about it" response which is equally as awkward.

Easier just to say, "Good thanks".


I finished Blue Like Jazz today. It is such a good book. I have another of Don Miller's books lined up to read now.

I love the way he writes so honestly and from a different perspective.

It really made me ponder on why I believe what I do and how I live it out.

I'd love to meet him and have a chat about life. He could regale stories from his youth. I want to hear more about the time he spent with the hippies and living with the guys at Graceland.

One time I'd like to be able to write like him. It just flows so well.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The beach is such a lovely place. I went to two today. Orewa and Long Bay.
I had a date with Hannah. We got ice creams and went for a walk. She's so cool. We just chatted and then almost made ourselves sick spinning around on the playground. Then I just chilled at her house with her family for ages. I love them so much.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I am always so astounded at the willingness of people to give so much of themselves at church and my friends in general.

Tonight was the lightparty. It took so much work by hundreds of people for it to all come together. There have been working bees, meetings, baking times, and heaps of people rostered on the night.

Each of those things takes effort and time. I am so grateful to everyone who helped. To Amy for helping make toffee apples when she didn't feel great, Michelle who was at church whenever I needed her, Amy for coming to wrap apples in a time of crisis, Emily for lending her artisticness to me and walking home after, all my leaders who manned the stations in the stuffy hall, and to anyone who I just plonked a last minute job onto.

People can be really great sometimes.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


This afternoon contained a few of the most hilarious hours in my life.

JD and Ben found this old scooter at church and started doing stunts on it, just bunny hops and jumps inside to begin with.

It escalated and things got a bit crazy. There was break dancing, spray paint, ripped clothing, the macarena, parkour and shirtlessness.

Michelle, Amy and I looked on in awe. They were being such boys and showing off. We caught many minutes of footage, most un-useable because I was shaking from laughter the whole time.


Gin is an absolutely fantastic card game.

I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Amy is a good teacher and herself, Logan and I played it many a time today.

I even nearly won!

Ginning is the best feeling in the world.


Tonight I went to Primal with Janet. It made me really appreciate my own church.

I used to go to Bays Primal and I loved it. I think it was really good for me to experience other churches which focus on the Holy Spirit more, especially in my mid-teens. I used to get annoyed with my own church for not being more like that, but tonight I realised again that Northcross is great.

We may be a bit scared of supernatural things sometimes but I think that's better than the other way around. There's too much risk of getting into murky doctrine and people pleasing.

I hope we never give into hype.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Human relationships are strange things. Today I have learnt again that even if you think you know someone fairly well or you think you know how they are feeling, they can surprise you.

A friend threw me a bit of a curveball today and it has me a tad concerned. She's almost a completely different person than I thought she was and I don't really know how to react or what to say to her.

Also today one of my closest friends had some stuff go down which left her pretty confused about a whole lot of deep things.

I apologise for being so vague but I'm trying to be discreet. Feelings and secrets and that jazz.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The glorious weather has continued into the week. What better to do when the sun is shining than go to the Donell's house and chill by the pool?
That is what happened.
So much lounging.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Have you ever picked the exact perfect flavour of icecream to how you're feeling at the time?

I find it is a huge decision and often I make a foolish choice. Often I end up disappointed.

Not today.

I can highly recommend the passionfruit sorbet from Blue in Matakana.

It will make you swoon like Ryan Reynolds holding red roses whilst reading you poetry ever could.


We had a real life campfire tonight around the next bay. We toasted marshmallows and sang Sk8erboi because everyone knows the words.
Studying the fire is so interesting. I feel as if I could watch it for hours on end. If there was no smoke in my eyes that is.

On the way back to the campsite we had to jump down a ledge of sand. I decided it might be fun to jump right at the edge so the part I land on collapses under my feet.
It was just myself and the Amys. We had a blast and we absolutely tore up the bank. There was no way we could quieten our laughter. We were hysterical. That is how much fun it was.

Not that it would have taken much to make us hysterical at that point. We were very tired.

(We had slept on the beach the night before. I recommend it. Just beware of the dew. You will wake up with the outer layers being soaked.)


Worshiping to an acoustic guitar on the beach is one of my favourite things to do ever.

That is what happened this evening. We were there for over an hour just belting it out to God, the creator of the incredible view we were soaking in.

The moon was rising, casting its orange reflection across the ocean.

In the reflection, under the moon, two dolphins jumped out of the water a little bit as if God had instrumented it himself to bless us.

Writing this I am overwhelmed with His love for us. It really was unreal.


Amy and I found ourselves sitting on a huge rock overlooking Tawharanui beach and the ocean. We just sat and contemplated.
At first we chatted a bit and made noises to show we were taking in the scenery but then we fell silent.
The silence went for ages. Maybe half an hour.
Words were too much and not enough.
I was imagining that we were in a scene from a film which starts with a shot of us on our rock and then zooms out and out and out all the way until the Earth is just a speck on the screen. I was thinking just how small and insignificant we really are.
Looking at the vast ocean can give you that impression.
After a while we got chilly.
She said we should pray and we did.

I love that we can just pray together whenever. I have got so much appreciation for her.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Two days ago I posted about people who drift out of your life after a certain period of time.
Today I encountered a friend who drifts in and out. Each time I see her I remember just how awesome she is. Usually we are passing and only get to chat for a short while. Today it was outside my lecture theatre. I really don't know her very well. I know her ok, but I wouldn't say we're super close.
Despite this, we manage to laugh and carry on like we are the best of friends.

I really appreciate this about her. She's a very cool person. And I feel alright about our limited interaction. Quality is better than quantity. Mostly.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today JD was in a good mood. There were jokes even. It is nice to share an office with someone who is cheery. He even did a notice! He never does them willingly.


It was my last ever class with this girl I have come to sort of know today. I don't think she thought it was as big of a deal as I did.
We're Facebook friends and we have each other's numbers but other than that we only know one another through sitting together at uni. I don't even remember how I came to befriend her. Maybe she befriended me.
All I know is that our relationship probably ends here. There may be the odd comment on a page or a status now and again, but we're pretty much over.
It's strange how people drift in and out of our lives. Some do it over time so that you don't recognize that it's happening, and with others it is sudden.
Fickle fickle.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Tonight at band I feel like it was rather productive because we played around a bit with settings on the keyboard.
We have a really cheesy backing track behind one of the songs now. It's so hilariously awesome. Very appropriate for a song which goes:

"Jesus, you're my superhero
You're my star,
My best friend."



This evening I approached the pile of mail on the bench with little interest. Usually the only mail I recieve is in the form of a charity newsletter or a bank statement.
However, to my utmost glee I discovered a postcard from none other than Clarissa Tan! She sent it while she was in Malaysia.
Oh she's so lovely.
Mail makes one so happy.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I had a yippity-dooh-dah time this evening at the barn dance.
Docee-do-ing and loop-de-loop-ing all night long was incredibly fun.
Who would have thought it could be so awesome.
Friends are fun. Plus there was this one where Rob and I were partners and there was so much glee on his face we laughed a lot. Oh joy.


Today it was actually like Summer had arrived. On the way to work I had my window rolled all the way down and I was uncomfortably hot. That's how good the sun worked.
It had me feeling the burn on my arm.
Ooooohhh I can't wait.

Friday, October 15, 2010


The time was 8:45pm and it was a pleasant evening, albeit slightly cloudy. The air was clear and the streetlights were on, illuminating the dark path and causing the trees to cast shadows over the ground.
I found myself resisting the strong urge to skip along the footpath as I made my way down to Britomart.
Having just completed my final assignment, I felt as if there were no pressures left in the world.
In the semi-darkness it somehow became easier to pick up a host of different scents wafting from plants and flowers freshly sprung.
The world, with all its little charms, was waiting for me to appreciate it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today I suited up. It was a pretty great feeling. And a pretty great day.

Debbie and I had a good bonding time today over broken hearts, emotions and ideas. We chatted, prayed and had a good mentor session.

She is so good at her job. Honestly. If she wasn't there I would fail a lot.

I really appreciate her intuitiveness and concern for us on the team.

One day maybe I can be as cool.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It is the small gestures which make a day remarkable.

This morning Amy Lloyd came to my house with a bunch of roses for me. I was expecting her but not the flowers. It certainly brightened my day. She is a very thoughtful person and I love how she goes out of her way to show people she cares.
I really appreciated those roses and they make me smile whenever I look at them.


Music has an incredible power to move people. I love that about it. It can be thought provoking and emotion evoking.

Mumford and Sons are these things to me. I absolutely love their lyrics. I love that they can be simple at times but impacting nonetheless. And the music has so much going on but never too much. It's always so tight and diverse and magical. They are geniuses.

This is my favourite I think.

Monday, October 11, 2010


So this week has been pretty lame. It has just sucked bigtime.
But through it all God has been like, "things are going to be ok cos I'm here" and I'm trying to trust him.
Then tonight at church I was just happy. During the worship I was grinning like a mad thing and I danced a bit because of that weird thing called 'joy'.
Joy is more than just being happy. It's like even when things are lame, you can still praise God because of who he is.
I can't really explain it. I just feel it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


You know how with some people it doesn't matter that you hardly know them at all, you just feel like hanging out and interacting with them is the most natural thing ever?

That's kind of how I feel about my friend Janet. I met her last semester in one of my papers and we both wagged a lot so I hardly saw her. Anyhow, tonight was her birthday bash and I went (along with Amy for support).

It was just fantastic to see her again. I love her to bits. She's so fun.

Amy and I had a fantastic time even though we knew no one.

A wee Korean ball of joy. That's how I'd describe her.


Today my brother was born. Not actually today. The today 19 years ago. I'm grateful for that.

Also today something cool happened. Actual today. The today of 2010.

I saw Relient K live. It was flippin awesome. I have loved them since I was early teens and I have all of their albums. I didn't even study and I knew all the words to the songs, barring a couple from the new album. I was so proud. It all came flooding back. And the actions. Far out. I had been waiting for tonight to come since I missed them at Parachute '04. What would have been the best is if they'd played Sadie Hawkin's Dance and played more older stuff and played for longer.

Actually, the show should have been the other way around with Paramore supporting so Relient K could play for hours.

Oh and Paramore was pretty cool. Hayley Williams is so cool. Like off the charts cool.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Amy Ritchie is good quality.
We had a date and we both shared things that we have never before.
It is so freeing when that happens and you unburden kinda.
Soooo freeing.
She's a pretty legit friend.
And when I say pretty legit, I mean amazingly awesome.
She just listens and then is wise and says what is needed to be said.

Then she got crunk and we laughed.


Today at work we watched funny YouTube clips for far too long. It was a definite while.
But oh man they were good. Here's one of the first ones we watched:

Hilarious. He's awesome.

Anyhow laughter is so good. I was on the floor shaking because of one of them.

Ohh such fun.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Renee is so amazing at taking photos. They make you feel things inside. And sometimes they even spill out into verbalness. For example, "awww" or "ooh".

Here are a few which I love.

For more beauty check out her website: www.pedrottiphotography.com


Today has been pretty sucky. I've just felt meh.
But then something cool happened.
As I was getting some paper at work a flicker of red light got in my eye and when I looked towards the source I saw that it was outside. The view was so beautiful that I went and stood on the deck.
The sun was setting in a clear sky, making it all different shades of pink and red. I watched as it disappeared into the silhouettes of the trees.
It was like a glimmer of hope.


For lunch I went to the Neville's house. It was cool to go out to another household as a family for lunch. It has been years since that happened. It used to be a weekly Sunday occurrence. Plus it was nice to see our pastor in his natural habitat. They are a family like us.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have a very clean room. I went through EVERYTHING today and sorted it all out. There were 8 bags full of unwanted junk, clothing, shoes, and rubbish. It feels very good. Like my life had a clean-out too. Took hours though.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Today I realised my own insecurity.
It's pretty scary.
You think you're pretty strong, but in reality most people are fragile.

Friday, October 1, 2010


On the bus home from uni, Amy Lloyd and I were thinking some pretty profound thoughts about how creative God is. He made our noses have holes, our ears have weird creases, and he made the wind. The latter we noticed because of some leaves rustling on a tree. It was really beautiful. They were big leaves and they looked like petals. The way the wind was making them move was truly graceful.
We were super fortunate to have seen the seemingly small miracle of the wind causing some leaves on a tree to dance.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


This evening has been one of those ones where it starts off pretty great and then escalates to full-blown awesomeness.

I went to Phil's songwriting/performance competition. The talent there was incredible. All of the musicians were so good. Janine Foster won. She was my second choice, after Phil of course (that's not just because he's my friend. His lyrics and dynamics or assembly or whatever you call it were freaking amazing). But Janine's voice gave me shivers. She was so happy and dancey and she talked! She doesn't do much of that onstage. I will be buying her EP for defs.

Anyhow, after this magnificent display of talent there was only one thing we could do. MEGA MAC CHALLENGE!!! Myself, Amy Ritchie, Rosie Nash and Belinda Cornish set of in my little car to Maccas. It was a struggle. Rosie finished first. There's so much meat! Now remorse is happening and it may even continue into the morning.

Having not had our fill of adventure, we decided that to celebrate Rosie's birthday we should go through a car wash. It wasn't open. The lights were on but it was just chirpin. We were so disgruntled that the man gave Rosie a free pie for her birthday. This almost made up for it.

We cruised for a bit with Amy making sure all the pedestrians knew about Rosie's special day. Some waved. Some ignored.

Frasers in Mt Eden closes at 12am on a Wednesday night. So don't go there after that time. We did.

It's ok though cos Rosie's place is good to chill in and there was fudge and freeness. We got cosy and displayed a bit of bra as a birthday treat. Milk was drunk and tea. Then it was decided that enough fun had been had.

As I dropped Belinda off there were suspicious looking people dooing suspicious looking things at her apartment. One tattoo covered man peered into our car. Not fun and unsafe for her to walk into. We drove around the block and a security man had arrived so we decided it was safe enough. Drama!

If you have read this far, I congratulate you. Top effort.


I caught the bus home from uni with Han. I missed chillin with him quite a bit. It was a reasonably uneventful journey. I learnt that bird is the word and I laughed a lot. Laughter is great. Usually I'm guaranteed to be laughing at least 70% of the time when I hang out with him. It is jolly.


It is so nice to be home.
I walked down to meet Amy in Mairangi Bay and it really was a sensory experience. I could feel the warm sun on my back and a light breeze was blowing the scent of flowers into my nostrils. The air is much purer here. I had missed that smell. I used to experience it on my way home from school every day.
It really is so good to be in New Zealand.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Seeing as I was greedy and gobbled up two 10ths of September, I had no 26th September. Instead I shall use this day to highlight impressions and memories of America.

- They have gross coffee. It's so strong and disgusting. On the last day I found a real one. There was a lot of rejoicing.

- Toilets have big water and a weird shape.

- Waiting for our shuttle at Sea World, Dan would ask Mum where she's from as groups of people walked past, to which she would reply, "I'm from Rrrruuussshhhhaaaaah," in the thickest accent possible.

- Pillowfights in hotel rooms.

- In Vegas there are people on every street corner handing out cards advertising 'hot chicks'. On guy offered Mum one and when she declined he replied, "20 minutes ma'am." She burst into giggles exclaiming, "What would I want a hot chick for?"

- Spending way too much money. Most of it on candy.

- The food tasted like Denny's constantly. It was yuck.

- Mum's terrifying driving. Freeways that go forever.

- Finding out I'm not actually 5'7" as I always though, but a measly 5'5" as I stood by the tallest man ever in Ripley's.

- 40 degrees in Vegas. Soooo nice.

- Never getting the hang of tipping. We made every effort not to. We hardly sat down and ate anywhere.

- Being relatively skinny.

- So much fog in San Fransisco. Actually so much. It was like a mist.

- In N Out Burger. So delicious and so cheap.

- Mum eating clam chowder in a sourdough bowl at every opportunity.

- "Shamu, Shamu!" Chanting to get splashed by him at Sea World.

- Spending time with Dan after too long being apart.

- Conning Mum into going on terrifying rides at California Adventure Park. SO MUCH FUN.

There are way more but I can't think of them all right now.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I find myself, once again in the Koru lounge at an airport, waiting for a flight. This time I am going home.

It has been a crazy two weeks, topped off with a very hectic day.

We hired a car today. Mum drove. It was a tad scary, I'll admit.

She did an amazing job. With Daniel, myself, and the GPS screaming at her sometimes, she mostly kept calm. Driving on the other side is no mean feat.

There were some tense situations with a bit of panic as we had no idea who gave way to who and why the cars disregarded the red lights.

We made it through. Only a 13hr plane journey between us and home. It is going to be nice to stand on Aotearoa soil once more.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Orcas and dolphins are majestic creatures. Today at Sea World I saw them glide, flip, flop, flap, jump, spin, wave and splash. One day I shall ride on a dolphin. I think it would be an amazing experience. It does look difficult though.

Sitting there watching it felt like a NZ summer. It was so hot and I could feel my skin crisping under the hot sun. Right now I am feeling the after affects. Mum and I got so burnt. We are very red. Not much fun. My pasty thighs have been hidden away for a long time. The exposure harmed them. It feels good in a way. Like Summer has begun.

I know this isn't true because tomorrow I shall fly home to blistering cold winds and rain. Lovely.

Friday, September 24, 2010


It's 11:19 and I am super dooper tired. The day has been mighty full.

We public transported it to Old Town San Diego which is a state park which has preserved the first settlement here from Mexico. It was pretty awesome. The roads are sand and buildings are rustic. It's what I imagine old Mexico is kinda like. They charged us horrendous prices for things but it was fun.
I love mexican goods and artwork. There was much fun to be had.

Then we caught the trolley (a small train) to the Mexican Border. Oh the faces you will see on the train. So many different people. Mum's got this annoying habit of always asking people where to go even if I've told her I'm sure. Twice in a row she asked and the reply was in Spanish, something to the effect of, "I don't understand sorry." It was embarassing and funny.

It was crazy that the border was right there. Only a fence and policemen divided two countries. I suppose it's strange for me because I live on an island not adjacent to any other country. I could have touched the fence. The Mexican flag was flying not far away and a big sign said "Tijuana". I would have loved to go there but we ran out of time and didn't have paperwork and Mum said no.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tonight I shopped. I shopped so well.
The best part is when you get to the counter and heaps of it scans at way cheaper than the label. It makes me so happy.
So do new clothes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I went on a rollercoaster today! A real one. It had a loop de loop!

Also on the Tower of Terror which drops you.

That feeling when you are weightless is the best. There is nothing like it.

I just want to go on faster, scarier rides now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010



It is magical.

The best part about it was seeing the absolute joy on all of the little kids' faces as they rode around Alice's Wonderland or had their photo taken with Minnie Mouse. They were so full of excitement.

There was even a jedi training thing where they got a whole lot of kids onstage, gave them a robe and a lightsaber and taught them how to 'use the force'. They just loved their moment of fame when they got to fight Darth Vader.

Ahhh to be a kid.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Today I sat by a window either on a moving train or bus for hours on end.

Watching life whizz by you is a strange feeling. Really you're the one whizzing by but you feel almost stationary in your little capsule.

Its amazing how lost in thought you can become after staring at moving trees and fences for a while.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have said it before but San Fran is a beautiful city.

I love the buildings. They are all crammed in next to each other, as if they are sucking in so they can fit. Many of them are painted pastel blues, pinks, even purple. There is so much history. I think they date back to the 1800s.

I can't stop taking photos of it all.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


San Fransisco is an amazing city. The buildings are all different colours and the streets just follow the hills, no matter how steep.

Today we went to Alcatraz, the most infamous prison in the world. As I wandered down the corridors, listening to the audio tour, I tried to feel what it would have been like. There were so many bars! It would have been terrible to be a prisoner there. Only the worst of the worst were sent to Alkatraz.

The wardens had to be tough because the inmates definitely were.

I sat in the dining hall thinking about the history of the place. I love places with history. Those walls had seen stabbings, bloodshed, fistfights, chaos, punishment and a whole range of other things.

There was even a room where three men were held who had attempted to escape. In the ceiling was a hole from which officers dropped grenades on them. The floor had marks from the shells and there were dents in the wall. I was standing in the exact spot of their excecution.

Things like that just don't happen everyday.

Friday, September 17, 2010


When you've seen so many remarkable things in such a short space of time, a day which doesn't involve great chasms, circuses, lights or towers can seem a little average.

However, today I flew to San Fransisco. That in itself is a remarkable thing. The possibility of flight and all.

The thing that has struck me about SF so far is the number of homeless people. We walked past a whole lot of very poor people in line for the homeless shelter as we made our way to the hotel. It was so sad. They are on every street corner and lying in Union Square. I've seen people give them money and food.

I am so grateful for our welfare system in NZ. It really is up to the goodwill of the general public to keep the homeless fed and sheltered here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Cirque du Soleil tonight was amazing. How they get their bodies to twist and turn is just incredible.

We saw "O" in which they have a huge pool of water in the stage and they have platforms rise out of it.

It really made me appreciate how beautiful the human body is, even if one guy kept dislocating his shoulders and doing weird stuff.

They did these huge dives into the pool. From really high. I almost couldn't watch.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today I had my mind blown. I prepared my mind but it still got blown.

As I looked over the cliffs of the Grand Canyon all I could think of was WOW! What an incredible creator God we have.

The enormity of it all was incomprehensible. I don't know how anyone could look at the canyon and deny that someone had to have made it and all the other wonders of this world. It is just too magnificent to have happened by chance.

There were different layers of coloured rocks with huge ravenes and chasms.

I can't describe it adequately. Just come here for yourself.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm in VEGAS!!!

It is a whopping 37 degrees celcius, that's 100 farenheit. A ridiculous temperature if you ask me.

Walking down the Strip, which is the main road, was breathtaking. Everything is so large and so over the top. The hotels are mini cities. I don't know how they fill them all.

Far out it's awesome.

Disneyland for adults to be true.


Today we saw all the homes of the rich and famous. Jackie Chan, Beyonce, Al Pacino etc etc.
They are HUGE. Ridiculously huge.
It makes me think that there is just way too much greed going on in Hollywood. They work hard, yes but it is far too lavish.

And so much hype.

But still a lot of fun to ooh and ahh over, even if we could only see the front gate.

Oh! Mick Jagger was home! His Ferrari was parked outside his house.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Universal Studios today!!!
So much fun to be had. The log flume was about ten times more extreme than our Rainbows End one.
Mum bought the photo and we all look about to wet our pants.
I love that feeling when there's a sheer drop and your stomach shoots up to your heart. There is really nothing like it.

10.09.10 (again)

I got to do Friday 10th September all over again. It's a good thing too because much remarkableness has happened.
As the plane took off we left behind a twinkling Auckland. Lights were on all over the place and it looked amazing.
I wondered how many people were represented by each light I could soo. So many lives. So much beauty.
This was a contrast to the view I saw as we flew over LA. For ages it was just row upon row of houses, occaisionally broken up by the odd warehouse or stadium. It was a mass of brown and white with hardly any green.
I am so thankful that I get to live in beautiful NZ with parks and green!

Today I also saw my brother for the first time in 3 months. It was a joyful moment with an extra long hug. I missed him so much. It's so good to be in his presence again.

Friday, September 10, 2010


In approximately one hour I will be sitting on a big plane destined for the United States of America.

My current location is the Air NZ Koru Lounge where I am enjoying a casual GeeandTee before departure. It's good to have a mum with a gold card.

Airports are strange places. I think I dislike them. Things are dirty due to overuse and the air is stale.

They are sad places because of all the farewells.

They are also extremely joyful at the arrivals gate.

So much human emotion, pain, loss, excitement, and happiness all rolled up in one.

Yes, very strange places.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today is Phil's birthday! To celebrate we had dinner at Nol Bu Ne, his restaurant in town. It was yum and there was great company. The cake was almost the best of my life. It was a coffee gateau and I ate too much of it.

Friends are freaking awesome. I have the best possible ones in the world. Honestly, I don't know how my life will go on for the next two weeks without them. I almost don't want to go away because I'll miss them too much. I'm kind of dreading it.
They are just so much fun. I am guaranteed a lot of laughs when chilling. And there are serious wisdom times too.


I have always kind of liked the idea of fighting guerilla style. It was ever since I read Tomorrow When the War Began. I likened myself to Ellie, who is pretty tough and resourceful when it comes to blowing stuff up and staying alive.

Today those dreams were shattered.

I am no Ellie.

This afternoon I played paintball. My aim was poor and I was too afraid of getting shot to risk much. Out of 200 shots, only about 5 were on target.

It was fun though. I am determined that next time I will be more gung-ho and not even flinch when I get shot.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


One person can make a day remarkable.

Today that person was Tarien.

She made me brownies first of all.

Then she created a really fun game out of my needing to rev the car engine because of the battery. We had the windows down eyeing fellow drivers up while I revved really loudly. Then I pulled off super slowly. There was much giggling.

She also made the interaction in the drive-through very awkward. She even told the boy he had nice eyes. He was so taken aback.

To top it all off, on the way home in the car she was acting like a crazy person making all sorts of noises out the car window at people and dogs.

She's quality.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today I have laughed a lot. A lot about nothing much.
It has been a good day because of it.
Even when things didn't go to plan or if I was a bit bored, there was still jovialness.

We should all laugh more often.


Far out God is awesome.

Tonight I gave a short message at our youth service and led into a time of response and communion. I was fretting so much. I was sitting up there while Willie and JD spoke, thinking of ways I could get out of it. I was shaking and had the worst butterflies of my life.

What if I opened my mouth and my voice failed?
What if I forget to say something really important?
What if I jumble all my words?
What if no one responds?

They were silly questions because we had just sang, "You'll Come". And He did.

People came up and took communion, grown men cried, and there was a genuine atmosphere of worship.

It reminded me that God is so faithful. He'll show up when He says He will and it'll be powerful.

I just am so grateful and humbled that He used me. Even in all my weakness and disbelief He used me.

He's that kind of God.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Victory for the Albany United Africans!!!

It really is such a good feeling to see your friends so full of joy. It's contagious.

As they held up the cup and had photos their faces were so delighted. It made me beam too.




I ate them for breakfast at Amy's house.
It was delicious.
I think the temperature this morning was below freezing so when I arrived we jumped in her bed and she read to us from The Bronze Horseman. It was cosy.


This evening I went to Rosie's house with a bunch of girls from Northcote Baptist and we listened to the first of a four part sermon series on staying in love. It was pretty cool. Everyone was open and we chatted about it after. Then we prayed and for ages after anyone said anything we were still praying silently. It was so comfortable and no one jumped to say amen. We just chilled with God for a bit. I can't really describe it but it was remarkable.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today was full of dates. There were five of them if you loosen the definition of a date.

9am: Emma
12pm: Sarah
1pm: Nana & Poppa
2pm: God
3pm: Michelle

They were all fantastic, however the best was definitely with God. Because of the spring wonderfulness I went to the beach and read the bible a bit. It was so cool to be reading and hear the ocean in the background. I then went on a little walk with my iPod and found a bridge over a stream. It was beautiful and secluded. I cant get it into my head how huge and awesome God is and yet at the same time he cares about each person so much. I really felt like I was chilling with Him just chatting and having a date. The best first day of Spring ever.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today is the last day of Winter. This is fantastic news. To celebrate in true Winter style I watched Coffee Prince all day with Han. It was great. We set up the projector in the pad and had snacks.
What a journey. So many happenings. Watch it.

Also, this evening at Lifegroup I once again appreciated friends who are always there to help out. When you go through stuff it would suck bigtime if you didn't have friends, especially Christian ones there to help out and pray. I don't think I would be able to stay faithful to God without mine. They're pretty great.

After Lifegroup Han, Emily and I frollicked in my bed and judged each others' Tumblr dashboards. I love just chilling. I don't even mind that Han shed half his hair and scalp in my bed on purpose. Plus it's warm. I love getting into a warm bed.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Driving by yourself can be a fantastic time for pondering and reflection.

Up until this evening I hadn't been alone in my car on the motorway for a very long time. I admit, not much pondering or reflection happened but I did turn up the music really loud and sang along, even made up some sweet harmonies. It's good when it's just you because you can belt it out all you like without having to consider anyone else.

Solitaryness can be very nice sometimes.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


This evening was the Talent Quest at church. Far God has given people some amazing abilities. There was singing, dancing and even a circus act. It was so flippin awesome.

Before one of the girls went on she was so nervous so I got to pray with her. She did a flippin amazing job. She was the best in my opinion. Her dance was soooo good.

Afterwards a group of us went and danced in the back hall. We were learning the Single Ladies dance and it was hilarious. Even the boys did it. To a surprising standard actually.

Ahhh dancing is good for the soul.


So I'm filling up my water bottle when I spy an envelope addressed to me on the bench. It was a curious shape so I immediately ripped it open to discover a mix CD full of indie goodness.
Honestly, there are 20 ridiculously top notch songs. The taste is impeccable.
The only message with it was the word, "smile" in vivid on the case.
It sure did make me smile.
I reallyreallyreally just want to know who it is from now though. I have my suspicions.
I'ma keep the envelope so I can cross-check handwriting samples.

Receiving spontaneous gifts, especially in the post is one of the best things ever. They make you feel so special. I need to treat people like that a lot more.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I had millions of fun at LJ and Sophies 21st tonight. It was in such a good venue. Once we cranked the dancing it was really awesome. I love being a fool and not caring.

The best, most hilarious thing happened on our way home however. We left the 21st laden with platters full of sausage rolls. We must have looked a sight, most of us teetering on stillettos, trying hard enough to balance ourselves, let alone a huge plate of savouries.

The car ride was for the most part, pretty quiet. That was until one of us had the brilliant idea of tossing the mini quiches out the window at signs and cars. It started with just Amy in the passenger seat whooping and yelling as she missed practically everything she aimed for.

It wasn't long until we all had our windows down to fire pastry bombs at things.

The best shot was a cheesecake bite which planted itself on the brakelight of a car. It was very satisfying to see it land and stick there. I bet it hasn't even budged. That cheesecake is strong, gelatinous goodness.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Spring is so close!

Today I noticed so many trees that have just begun to blossom. The city is a much nicer place when there are flowers about. Each one smells so good too. You walk past and are hit by a delicious scent.

Isn't it strange how smells can bring back memories so powerfully. Also today as I was walking along and I smelt a strangely familiar smell. It took me a few seconds to place it. It reminded me of when I had rabbits as a little kid. Far out it was awesome. Such vivid recollection.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today I embarked on another journey. The 1st Shop of the Coffee Prince. I can already tell it is going to be an amazing season. It's so difficult to stop. I have laughed out loud, almost cried and the subtitles aren't even that great.

Pretty much everything Korean is awesome.

P.S. He's a looker.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I had my remarkable moment for today planned. Before I went out I made my bed perfectly with clean sheets. It was going to be a glorious finale to a full-on day, especially given my freshly shaven legs. ALAS! Someone other than myself has rumbled in my bed thus separating the remarkable from the moment.

It is ok though because I had a most enjoyable evening catching up with old friends.

It was so refreshing. Sometimes I need Ana's enthusiasm and life to wake me up a bit. When life is getting dull I just need her to inspire me and make me laugh. It is such a blessing to have her in my life to be one of those people.

She has an incredible gift.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I just finished watching the fifth season of How I Met Your Mother. It is a thoroughly enjoyable tv show. I always appreciate when writers think about what's coming and what's passed in a series and use ongoing jokes.

HIMYM is very good at this. There have been many a chuckle.

Also, there's some good advice for living in there somewhere. Definitely not from Barney. He's got issues. But from the others some things can be learned about relationships and suchlike.

There is one theory about in every relationship there is one settler and one reacher. The reacher has ended up with someone who is out of their league and the settler has, well, settled for someone below theirs.
I can see some truth in this although I think that once you love someone there is none of that. You both feel like the reacher. Unlike Lily and Marshall who each thought they settled.

One more theory which was pretty good is titled 'on the hook'. It states that a person may be 'on someone's hook'. This occurs when on person strings along another, usually in order to get things like foot massages, chocolate cake, or like Robyn, laundry done by Bob the cameraman.
It's definitely difficult to tell if you're on the hook because of a level of infatuation you have developed for the other person. It's hard to know when you're being used.
It's can also be tough to determine if you've got someone on your hook. Sometimes it's unintentional and can feel good. But you have to be like Ted and let the other person know that nothing will happen between you.
Lily found this difficult and kept adding the "for now" to the end of that sentence. Wrong thing to say. Instead she needed to say, "never ever".

Thus concludes Dating 101 as told by How I Met Your Mother, delivered by Katie.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Lydia Cole is my friend on Facebook!

Following her beautiful set this afternoon at The Copper Room I worked up the courage to click that little button. She accepted!

That in itself is remarkable. However, her music is more so. I love how it pulls you in and has you feeling stuff and that. She is just so genuine and her lyrics are so simple and lovely.

I really, really want to get good at the guitar. I'm just too lazy. And writing songs. That'd be amazing. One day.

The afternoon was made even more enjoyable by the antics of a certain Han-Gyul Cho who entertained with Tabasco sauce and made his own work station at church complete with a cardboard computer. It was pretty impressive. I wonder how long it'll last after Debbie notices.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I fell in love with a song today. It happens sometimes. You just connect with it. The lyrics are beautiful. The melody is lovely. Listen.


Has anyone else noticed that this year is slipping away super duper fast?
It is ridiculous. Apparently as you get older time speeds up and suddenly you're 50! Wow.

On a completely unrelated note, I watched a film today. It was called The Road. At the end of it I felt like I had been to the gym. It was so full of suspense that my muscles still haven't relaxed from being all tensed up for almost two hours straight.
Besides that, Viggo is such a freaking good actor! And how it managed to be so beautiful and bleak all at the same time, I do not know.

It pretty much blew my mind.

Friday, August 20, 2010


This evening was freaking awesome.

I spent it with Amy Ritchie.

First of all we spent a couple of hours talking and chilling in her room which was absolutely lovely.

Then we decided we were hungry so off to Maccas we went and had Big Macs. I'd been craving that special sauce for weeks. That first bite was incredible. The experience was even better because we were at the beach, parked up in our spot on the boat ramp. It was like a summer night. Except it was cold.

Amy got out of the car, ran down to the sand and danced in front of the car. She was doing leaps and spins. It was hilarious. I laughed at least half of the calories from the burger off.

After we had both put on a show for each other it was time for Momos. On the way I remember saying, "wouldn't it be amazing to sit on the couches with our watermelon milkshakes AND have SuJu in the background?"


Momos had this awesome vibe. It was like a camp just before bedtime when everyone is having milo. People were playing board games and hanging out. Flip it was cool. And SuJu!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Some days are just better than others. For no real reason.

Today was one of those days.

A positive day.

Even the gross weather made me happy. It sounded so soothing on the roof.


Tonight at Lifegroup my caramel slice was very well received.
It made me feel so happy even though there was none left to take to work.
When you make something and then people rave it makes you feel so good.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


You know that amazing feeling when you finish an assignment?

Yeah that's me now.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I just got home from church. It was amazing. Actually, this whole day has been amazing.
I've been feeling sick all week in anticipation for leading worship tonight.
It really stresses me out.
But this morning when I got out of bed I had this peace about the day. It's been incredible. I didn't stress out about running late this morning or getting notices done or even singing tonight.
It was all in God's capable hands and far out he came through.
I love it when God does that.
I am just reminded of how small I am and how small all my worries are compared to how freaking awesome he is.


In the wee hours of this morning I was playing the most hilarious game of Risk.
It was the Lord Of The Rings version.
Amy and Logan vs. Katie and Sophie.
There was so much cheating going on it was insane.
Sophie and I sucked at it though. We just kept giggling. The later it got the more cheating and giggling happened.
It was the best five-and-a-half-hours-long game I have ever played.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Today is Friday the 13th.

In other news...

I got new shoes!
They are spectacularly beautiful. It really is very sad how much it brightened my day. As soon as I got home I put them on my feet. Over my socks. This looked dreadful as they are sandals. Oh dear.

But really. Paulo Nutini was onto something when he sang that song about new shoes and how they make everything better.

Back In Black

I have recently been thinking how awesome this project was and how I miss noticing remarkable occurrences in my days.

Reading over my blog, I am amazed at how much of last year I had forgotten. The daily snippets were a reminder about God's power, blessing and creation. I hate to think how many awesome things have happened this year that are lost, fallen out of the back of my memory.

This is why I am going to start One Remarkable Year again, but this time it will be One Remarkable Life.

This is where I will document my days.

It will be casual and fun, mainly for my own enjoyment, but I hope that if anyone reads, they will be inspired not only to notice the remarkable but also to praise God because of it.


Monday, March 22, 2010

What's next???

Well, we are definitely well into 2010 by now and it pains me to say that I did not complete One Remarkable Year.

I am so utterly disappointed in myself. I was pretty close too.

From now on you can visit me at katiedid536.blogspot.com
I shall attempt to post semi-regularly and about semi-interesting things.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You know when you have a million things going over in your mind and it's just racing, preventing you from sleeping?
That's how it was when I laid in bed tonight.
Instead of sleeping I thought I had better put my brain to good use and I got up, sat at my computer and typed an essay.
I felt very proud and like a true uni student doing my essay at 2 in the morning.


I slept for soooo long today. It was crazy.
Sleep is an amazing thing. So refreshing.


Dan got baptised today out in the wide ocean. It was so awesome.
What an amazing setting for a baptism.
All his family came to see and it was special.
People said lovely things and then we went out into the sea and he got dunked.


There was such glorious weather today at Tawharanui. It was so gorgeous. It felt like Summer!
What a relief after we all thought it was going to be torrential like last year.


On the way to Tawharanui for Labour Weekend I could feel the stress fade away the further from home I got. It really was the best feeling ever.
Life felt more and more peaceful.
I didn't even realise how stressed I was until I felt it all drain away.


Tonight I went to Esther's house and we watched James Dean look hot in a film.
He's one mighty fine man.
Then we looked through her James Dean calendar which we pretended was their family album and were in fits of laughter at his bedroom eyes.
Esther is such fun.


Amy and I stopped for frozen cokes late last night.
Sometimes the only thing which will satisfy is a good fro' co' from Maccas.
We were going to park at the beach but there were millions of police.
Then we played Tik Tok and had a right giggle at the line, "the popos shut us down."
We are infinitely cool.


I woke up to the most beautiful text from Tarien this morning.
Things like that really brighten your day.
It put me in a good mood right from the beginning.


Ben's parents are away so we poured a whole lot of dishwashing liquid in his spa and created a whole heap of bubbles. It was a whole heap of fun.
The foam went everywhere.
It was a beautiful sight.


Sarah and Rose did it!
The leaped from a plan up high in the air.
I just filmed from the ground.
It certainly looked like a mixture of fun and absolute, sheer horror.
When they were gliding down it would have been the best feeling. Like in some small way you were defying gravity.
In your face, gravity.


Today Rose, Sarah and I set off on a great adventure to Pihea where they are going to jump out of a plane! Insane.
Anyway. Adventures are fun and I'm pretty excited and a tad worried for them.


This evening I went to see An Education. It was a very lovely movie.
It really made me think about life and why I'm doing what I'm doing. I totally agree with her decision to go to Paris. Why not take an opportunity like that?
Except maybe not with a seedy older man.
But yeah. I reckon the way life is and the expectation to go to uni to get a job to stay in it for the rest of your life is so silly. How dull.