Friday, January 30, 2009


Tomorrow will be the first Saturday I have had free ever since I started working almost. I can't even remember the last Saturday I had to do nothing but relax. It's going to be amazing.

Something I deem remarkable did happen today actually. I was getting slightly worked up because a friend has been pissing me of a bit lately. I was being really negative and cynical about the whole situation. I knew I just had bad attitude but you know when you don't care anyway and you just feel like a bit of self-indulgent negativity. Anyway, while I was wallowing in a mire of self-pity I received my weekly email from a lady in Tonga. She always sends me devotionals for each week and I must admit I usually mark them as read, not wanting to actually delete them. Today, however I did open it up and I read the first one. It was actually so amazing how fitting it was. It was all about not getting offended at other people's actions and always be looking for chances to encourage and support people. Basically it said people will always be letting you down and you can choose whether to just let it go or you could get pissed off. In any case, I appreciated it because I realised I just need to stick in there and do something positive about it rather than whinging.


Today I had my second swim of the summer which is actually quite shameful as it is over half way through and I should have been many more times. But man it was lovely. We took in a big blow-up dolphin and an alligator. The kids down the beach were totally eyeing them up. It was just fantastic to relax in the sea. We then walked around the rocks which is no mean feat as every step could take you to your death. Not really. But they were incredibly slippery. Then we had frappes and droevors as a reward. Bliss.

Tonight I went and helped my friend pack up her stuff because she is moving out of home. In a way it made me sad because I realised that she isn't always going to be a five minute drive away. Now she will live all the way over in the city. I'm both very excited for her and I feel like I'm letting her go. Which is a very dumb thing to feel as I'm not really at all. It's such an awesome opportunity for her though and I'm so happy for her. Packing her things reminded me of so many memories of us as wee things at intermediate all the way to now. We've grown through many stages together but this is one which I can't do with her. It's not like I'll never see her though because I'll be in town almost every day anyway for uni. Yeah. It'll be ok.


I really should have posted this yesterday. I can't quite remember all that happened and I'm just drawing a blank as I sit here trying to type up the remarkable moment. Dash it all.

Oh! This will probably just mean something to me but I had a meeting with a lady doing the children's ministry for the international service at church. It was just so refreshing to talk to someone who got what I was saying totally. Man it was great. We both share a passion for the same thing and I got to talk her through the curriculum and it was just awesome. I was able just to ramble on and she was nodding along and saying "yeah," in all the right places.

It felt good.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today passed without much significance. I did, however, watch two films.
After American Beauty I felt as if I had just allowed rubbish to be tipped into my head for two hours straight. I see how it could have got best picture but it was just so full of trollop.
Bride Wars was funny, not hilarious, but funny enough. I'm generally not a chick flick person but as far as they go this was ok.
I disagree with one point though. They made it seem like friendships last forever. I don't think they do. People come and go from your lives. Very rarely do you hear of people being friends since babies. It's a nice thought but people tend to develop at different paces. That's just what I have found anyway.


In the Parachute booklets there were vouchers for some shops in Hamilton, one of the popular stops on the way home to Auckland.
It's so nice when things like that happen. Just little things that brighten your day a wee bit.
I had a five dollar burger from Burger Fuel and loved it.
What a deal!

Monday, January 26, 2009


What a day!
So much went on today that I can't even begin to describe it. I saw some amazing artists. One of which was Bradley Hathaway, a poet and songwriter from the States. He was so freakin funny. Had us in fits. He couldn't finish a song because he was always interrupting himself with a story or two. It was fantastic.

Also, tonight is the night everyone stays up late and feels badass. Well, all the 14yr olds. It made me feel so old to be walking around and seeing all the old games such as scramble, leapfrog and little white pony and not have any urge whatsoever to join in. Actually I just wanted to sleep. How lame and nanaish is that. I stayed up for a little bit and we had a singalong and we played a game which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of. It had me in hysterics though.

What a great day.


Day 2 of Parachute Music Festival went down a treat. It was fantastic to catch up with friends, some of which I only see once or twice a year.

You'd think it should be awkward when you catch up with people you only see very occasionally in the flesh. It wasn't though and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It's just not the same communicating via textual means.


There's something exciting about waking up before dawn and hopping in the car to go away. It's like when you have to wake up for an early flight. The anticipation of the days ahead is enough to keep you up the night before.

That's almost what it was like for me waking up this morning. It made me think back to family holidays when I would get myself so worked up in the build up to going away that I could never sleep. It was a nice memory.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Don't you love it when you arrive at the stage in a friendship where anything goes. My friend came over this evening and she just sat upstairs and did a puzzle for at least half an hour while I did some ironing. I appreciate that. Plus she could just sit and chat to my parents. It was fantastic.

In other news, I am going to Parachute tomorrow which is a huge christian music festival in NZ. It's going to be awesome. I hope I'll get some sleep though.
I'm looking forward to catching up with heaps of people and of course hearing some amazing bands. You should check out Family Force 5. They are off the chain. And Kutless. Can't wait. I'll write about each day while I'm there but you won't hear about it until Monday. Boo-hoo.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I like it when things are organised.
Like my recently accomplished, alphabetised dvd collection on my newly acquired shelves.
I even made them myself. Well not completely. I screwed a few bits of wood together.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Do you know what struck me as I watched Blood Diamond tonight? It wasn't just Leo's appalling Saffa accent. It was that so many lives are taken everyday in wars and conflict caused by the Western world's consumerism. And it's not as if we don't know that our security means bloodshed in another part of the globe. We just don't care.

Some people obviously do. And they go out and actually do something about it. But most might get sad from time to time when they see a documentary or watch a child sponsorship ad, however, they think that's all they ought do. Just get sad and then change the channel.

Now, I am not removing myself from all the blame. I'm preaching to myself here.

I just think that somehow I'm meant to be doing more than sponsoring a child. That's a noble thing to do, I know, but it just doesn't feel like enough.

Maybe I need to become a vigilante and fight all the baddies so that there can be peace. All I need is a mask.

Disclaimer: I realise that all feelings and views expressed above are part of a reaction to the film which has been expertly crafted by the producers of it through very clever film techniques. But that's still how I feel. So there.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I almost typed in 08 just then. It's strange how towards the end of last year I kept making the mistake of writing 2009 and now I'm backtracking.

In the morning I am going to the gym. I was going to tonight but I watched a movie instead. My friend piked on me. It's ok though. I'm not too fond of Pump classes. I'm looking forward to feeling fit again. And being able to squeeze into the clothes in the back of my wardrobe with my respiratory system working properly. Hasn't happened in a while.

Today I realised just how absolutely amazing my new job is. I mean, I knew it already but I just had so much fun today. Ana and I made a promo video for a leader's night coming up. It was hilarious. We giggled and screamed down the corridor and I laughed so much. It was awesome to be able to call it "work". It took us so long because I kept mucking up the words and the lighting wasn't right, plus she would burst into a fit of giggles and set me off so for a few minutes we were both unable to do anything productive at all. In the end we got it done and I laughed just as much as I was editing our masterpiece.

Flip I am blessed.

Do you know what else is remarkable?
Lemon green tea.


I just laid in my bed and read. It was such a luxury. I got through a whole book. It's so nice just to be able to have the time to do that. How lovely.

I apologise for the vapid post.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Isn't it funny how people sort of drift in and out of our lives in various capacities over time.

Tonight we had a farewell bash for a couple who are leaving for the south island. They are an amazing couple who have touched many lives during their time in Auckland, especially mine. I have served on mission teams with them and have seen their kids grow into beautiful little girls, and they have seen me grow through my teenage years.

I can say with confidence that I would not be the same person today if it hadn't been for them. I know they aren't fading in to oblivion, never to be seen again but it certainly feels like it.

I'm going to miss their wise words and funny antics so much. Probably the thing I will miss most is seeing their family develop and the different stages the girls go through. Kids change so much so rapidly and seeing them only a few times a year means I'll skip out on the in between stages.

The girls and I mucking about being posers at beach mission:

It truly is a bittersweet goodbye because, although I will miss them so much, they have so much to gain from moving. I know that God has called them to move down there and that it is in his mighty plan for them to leave us. They have such potential to do great things through him and I can't wait to hear of all of the amazing experiences they are having.

It's with tears in my eyes that I type this and the near essay I wrote for them, complete with introduction and conclusion, was splattered in teardrops. I realise that I go all mushy and pathetic at times like these but I know I wasn't the only one. They have been a positive influence in so many lives over the past eight years and the number of damp eyes in the room was proof.

It's a huge inspiration to me to see the amount of people who feel the same as I do about them. I want to live a life in which I have the same level of influence on people around me. Not in a crazy, power-hungry way, but I just want to help people and touch their lives. Put a bit of positivity back into the world. You know what I mean.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Films are amazing things.
For a couple of hours in your day you can view the world from someone else's perspective. Things you wouldn't even imagine in your wildest dreams can happen. You can be transported to another place, experience a totally different culture, meet characters you normally wouldn't associate with and get caught up in a story, not your own.
It blows my mind how it's possible to live a completely different life for those couple of hours. Gahh.

Friday, January 16, 2009


The power of positivity is amazing.
In the world we live in human nature drives us to be constantly negative. It's all about putting other people down to elevate oneself.
It's not very nice at all.
I'm going to try and be more positive and actually stand up for people that get badmouthed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This morning Mum had to go to hospital to get a CT scan done so I woke up really early to drive her in. Part of this project was about opening up our eyes to opportunities we can serve others. This was an awesome way I could just give a little bit back to my mum for all the things she has done for me over the years. Show some appreciation. It was nice. Also just to spend that one on one time with her. Haven't got to do that in a while.

Oh and... Daniel.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've had one of those days when you have a heightened sense of emotion. Not too badly. I haven't cried. Just that I have felt things more than usual. This makes sense in my head.
I quite like it. Life seems more real.
Plus I did domestic things. I did the washing, vacuumed, cooked and did some general tidy up stuff around the house. It felt good to be useful. I'm pretty much all set for wifedom now.


It's 2:42 am so technically I'm posting about yesterday, but hey, I'm still documenting my day aren't I? I'll make up the rules as I go along.
Impulse buying is a fantastic stress relief. So is puzzle making. Put the two together with a pretty fun day at work and you get a day made of awesome.
The puzzle is nearly finished. I feel very procreative (Can I use that word in this context?). It kept me up late though and my eyes are blurry.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today has been the first day I have actually struggled to find something remarkable.
This is a Sunday which would normally just go right past me without me even blinking. For this reason I started the project really. So many of these kind of days pile up and then before you know it a whole forgettable year has gone by.
I suppose I should really go and do something right now, except I have a headache and I really can't be bothered. It sounds so lame and inexcusable but there it is.
I have already posted about familiarity but it struck me again this evening as my parents have just got home from a holiday up north. It's nice to have them back and to have familiar people to converse with and share the same space with. It really is nice to have them home.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


It seems that most of my posts have been movie-related but I do so love a good film. Tonight I saw PS. I Love You. It was just so incredibly sad. I wanted to cry the whole way through. I love that he went to all that work in creating a way for her to get through her process of grief just because he loved her so much. It was so lovely. I realise it was a fictional story but it got me thinking about how selfless that was of him. There he was dying and he was thinking of her and planning ahead. It must have hurt him so much.
I realised that I need to start doing more selfless things. Little actions are what really make a difference in a person's day, even their life. I need to actively put others before myself and try do things just to make today special for someone.


Today has been a crazy day. It's been so full of unfortunate events that were resolved. I will give you a synopsis of my day.
This morning seems such a long time ago, however I do remember waking up rather early and trotting off to work. I typed up some things and put some papers in order before Ana, JD, Dan and I geared up in fluoro and some zinc I made out of crushed chalk and sunblock and headed down to the beach to film a promo video for Summer Series, some beach evenings we are running. It was hilariously fun. We made such fools of ourselves dancing around on the sand with pool noodles and rubber tyres. There was even a shark in the water! The unfortunate event in this case is not that someone got bitten, but it was that I had locked my keys in the car. A simple, yet idiotic thing to do. I had to borrow Ana's car in order to drive to my place, get the spare keys, make it to my hairdresser's appointment, and then back to church where Ana was so we could go get my car.

Later that evening a group of friends came over to have a Barbecue and I realised that my parents had taken the gas bottle up north with them. Alone, this wouldn't have been so silly but because it wasn't the first incidence of that nature to happen today I did feel a little shamed.

Sarah had to leave early and as she was backing down my driveway she failed to turn at the right place and ended up going over the edge. It was pretty funny. She isn't the first person to have her car teetering on the ledge. In fact, five others, including me, have done it in that spot and two more elsewhere on my drive. I took some photos for your viewing pleasure. Usually my Dad is here to sort it out but after watching him do it a few times I knew what to do and there were some men around for gun and brain power.

After dinner we watched Shaun Of the Dead. I can't believe how fricken hilarious it is. I nearly wet myself. Ahh I loved it. A good laugh is certainly freeing. I hadn't laughed like that in a long time. It felt great.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I just got home from watching The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. I had to fight the urge to sob at one stage. Now, it could just have been hormonal but I'm pretty sure others though it was sad too. But it was so beautiful. I appreciated the cinematography and the way it portrayed the theme of ageing. It was just so lovely. I'm going to be pondering on the film for a while to come.

In other news, I bought a trampoline. It is glorious. Michelle and I put it up today. It took us a while and we sure worked up a sweat but we did it. It looks fantastic sitting there in the small patch of grass we call our backyard. My one concern is that it's on quite a bit of a lean. Ah well. It is a whole heap of fun.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I spent far too long in the sun without sunblock on. I got burnt. I look like a lobster wearing white shorts and a bikini. It's ridiculous.
It kind of feels great though. The first burn of summer is over and from here on in I am going to be careful. I promise.
I am incredibly grateful for moisturiser though.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am so very tired right ow so don't expect eloquence from this post.
I just got home from seeing Yes Man. There is some truth in the film, although it is pretty silly. A lot of the time opportunities come our way and we are just too busy to see them for what they are worth. We can pass them by because we are too busy, or because we can't be bothered.
That's kind of what this project is about, opening up our eyes to seeing the possibilities a day could hold and then appreciating life. To appreciate life you have to be positive and really live it.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Today I started my new job at church as the children's church coordinator. I really felt that I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. It's where my passion is and I can feel that this whole opportunity has been so instigated by God.
As I was driving home with my window down I'm Yours by Jason Mraz came on the radio and I realised just how awesome summer is. It was a mixture of the sun beating down on me, wind blowing through my tresses and some quality summer tunes that made me really appreciate life in that moment.


Today was the very long car journey home from Tirohanga. I got home to the Shore at around seven. It made me realise how much I appreciate familiarity. Although it's exciting to be in a new place, not knowing where you are most of the time, it's awesome to come home and to know the names of roads because you've driven on them hundreds of times. I sort of got that, "Ahhhh...I'm home," feeling where you take a sigh and feel some sort of strange sense of security envelope you.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


My friend and I were walking along the beach chatting to each other about life, men, kids, God and anything else that popped into our heads. It made me appreciate just spending time with her and being able to really talk about stuff that mattered to her. A lot of the time friendships can become so meaningless and shallow. Just having that time to hang out was awesome.
A dark grey cloud came over the beach and we saw the rain heading towards us. When it reached us it has started pelting down and was stinging us. It was heaps of fun running along the beach in this helpless situation, laughing our heads off and just giving in to the power of the wind and the rain which was drenching us.


Carrying on with the spiritual theme, today my remarkable moment was when my friend was baptised. Baptism is important in the Christian faith because it symbolises new life through the person being dunked under the water and then lifted out again. It is also a public declaration of your commitment to living life as a follower of Jesus. Baptism is a pretty significant thing.
We are camping right by the beach so this afternoon we wandered down to the water and she shared a bit about why she wanted to get baptised and then some people gave her words and verses of encouragement. After that we walked into the water and she was dunked. It was awesome because it was so different to baptisms done in pools. She had to sort of fight the waves.
It was lovely and she looked so happy coming out of the water.


Today I'm going to be getting a wee bit spiritual. I have been serving in a kid's programme in a camping site the last few days. It has been a rewarding and remarkable experience so far. Today we gave an opportunity for the kids to stay behind to learn more about Jesus and the price he paid so that we could have eternal life. I talked to one girl who just happens to have been to my church a few times and whom I recognised. It's so crazy how we travelled over five hours to this place so far from home and yet so many people from the Shore were there. It's awesome because it means we can meet up with them and follow on the work we started in their lives.
Anyway, it was just awesome to be sharing with this child my faith and the hope that I have because I know that I have been saved from what I deserve by Jesus Christ dying in my place. It's amazing and I feel so priviledged to be able to speak hope and love and joy into her life.


I have just arrived home from camping over new years which has meant that I was unable to post my remarkable moments for each day on the internet as there was absolutely no chance of having access.
I will post them now as individual days.
I apologise.
And I am very excited.