Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm not sure what happened today that is remarkable.

That is the truth.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Term 4 has officially started. Holidays are over and everything is back up and running. It actually feels pretty good. I am ready. Bring it on Term!
I have even already made a song schedule for band and reorganized my folders.
Don't act like you're not impressed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

This was a lazy one indeed.

I didn't go to church this morning.


But man it was good.

I jumped on my trampoline and did the washing.

It was fantastic.

Church tonight was great fun as well.

Friends are great.



Dusk is a beautiful time of day. The sun was setting as I drove over the harbour bridge this evening. The sky was a beautiful orange colour which made everything else look so dull in comparison. The water was shimmering and the little island which looks like a mouse was just a black outline.
As I drove further, more colours were added to the sky. I was so distracted by the silhouettes of the trees and the pretty sky that I missed the turnoff and had to take the next one.
Never fear! Because, being the human compass that I am, I made it to Sarah's place going the back roads. I'm pretty proud actually.


Amy came over this evening. It really was lovely just to hang out. We watched two films and had a good old yarn.
If you ever think of watching Easy Virtue, don't. Colin Firth is the only good thing about that film. Jessica Biel kills everything, including the dog. She sits on it and crushes it with her J-Lo bum. Seriously, why did costume department give her those pants? Honestly. It was terrible.
But Amy is always good fun and even bad films can be entertaining in the right company.

Friday, October 9, 2009


My brother is eighteen today, can you believe it!?
I can't. It's awesome though because now he can come to gigs with me. Hurrah!
He's not home though because he's at Kidzcamp. They made him feel special I think. He got to kiss the fish and eat cake. They also got eighteen girls to give him a kiss. He would have enjoyed that.
He's cool is my brother. They've been eighteen glorious and fun years.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today I was in the strangest mood.
First I cleaned my room,
Then I put out the washing,
Then I soaked some of my clothes,
Then I made dinner,
Then I cleaned up after.
How domestic is that!
It was a doing stuff day.
I also noticed that the shower is due for a clean.
That's as far as that got though.
There's always tomorrow.


This evening I went back to Kidzcamp for a farewell for Garth. He runs the whole show and he's up and leaving to Tauranga.
It was so weird to be back and see everyone again. I thought I wouldn't recognize any of the kids but it was all the same people, just a bit taller and older.
It was really awesome to hang out with friends I made there. Kidzcamps were always happy times. I met so many cool people. Some of my closest friends I met there.
After the speeches and stuff, while all the kids were going to bed, us visitors went over to the gym and played on the green machines.
It was fantastic. They are little pedalled kart things which are made for ten year olds. We squished into them and zoomed around, playing some sort of handball game which involved a lot of crashing into one another.
I can't believe how fun it was to be back there, playing the same games, with the same people, five years later.


Praying is awesome. Tonight was the prayer meeting at church. It was cool to sit with a group of people I don't interact with all that much and just pray. It's cool to hear what's on people's hearts and minds about the church.
It was a focus on children and youth so it suited me perfectly.
I must make more of an effort to get there each month.


It's school holidays!
Which means I got to join the big kids in the main service this morning.
It was so good just to sit back and enjoy the service. I had nothing to do with how it was put together and I could just take it all in.
Wahoo! It sure felt good.


This morning I did a most terrifying thing.
Debbie and I held a workshop at a conference.
It didn't go down too badly either, which is good.
I think we made it sound like we had masses of kids coming each Sunday and a super-ministry to beat all others.
We don't. There's no such thing as a super-ministry.
I realized just how lucky we are to be so supported by the rest of the church.
Kid's ministry can be ignored by people so often. It's seen just as a kind of babysitting service.
It's not!
But yes, many other churches don't place as much emphasis on it as we do so it's nice to be able to encourage those who are trying really hard to make things happen.


Ryan Reynolds can act. I realize he's done far too many romantic comedies for a good actor, but Chaos Theory isn't bad. He does well I think. He's not bad to look at either. Just sayin'.
Anyway, it was a pretty good film. You should also watch it if you haven't.
It's so good to see a film which ends with a happy family. The good old nuclear family. Warms the cockles of the heart. Usually these days the film ends with everyone happily separated. Goodness me. What is this world coming to?


If you haven't yet seen 500 Days Of Summer, you should. It is such a good film. The best I've seen in a while. It's hilarious and sweet. I don't know how to make it sound more enticing.
Just watch it.


This morning I got a call from Mum which woke me up. She told me that a Tsunami was coming. I jumped out of bed and sat at the window so I could watch the sea while refreshing Twitter, Facebook and Stuff.co.nz. It was so exciting. It was also the biggest anti-climax when 11:12 came around and Mikey Havoc announced on the radio that the Tsunami warning was cancelled when a wave which measured a whopping 40cm rolled onto a beach just up North. How disappointing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Lifegroup was all about how glorious God is. It was flippen cool just seeing some of the verses in the bible which talk about God's glory or his character and putting it all together. Goodness me. Sometimes I think it's so easy to make God so small. He deserves waaaay more than we could ever give him. We can't worship enough. Mmmmm.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Tonight I went to the cinema. It's a fantastic thing to do.
I saw September Issue. It was good.
It confirmed how absolutely stupid fashion is. But then I love it because it's about art. It's expression. The photos are awesome. I love fashion photography. No matter how absurd it is, the pictures look amazing.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


It's remarkable that I woke up at 7:30 this morning.
It's also remarkable that I'm still awake at 11:30.
But the most remarkable thing happened at about 8:00pm.
Ben was playing football after church when my brother jumped on his little toe. I don't think it was on purpose but that wasn't very comforting to Ben as he was in excruciating pain and his toe was jutting out at a strange angle. It looked so painful. It's weird. I couldn't imagine how much it hurt but I could definitely tell it did. I dunno about you but a strange sensation comes upon me when someone is in agony. I can't handle it. Heebyjeebyies.


Tonight I went to three 21sts. THREE! That's a ridiculous amount for one night.

Anyhow, I got home rather late and as I jumped into bed I noticed that mum had washed my sheets, made my bed AND put my electric blanket on.

It's my favourite part of the night. Almost.

The best was when the guys danced for Kelly. It was freaking hilarious. Words cannot describe, I'm sorry. You will forever be in the dark.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Today Dan was at Barbershop and I needed the car but he had parked it just by school so I walked to go pick it up.
It was so weird walking the same route as I used to every morning. I felt oddly nostalgic. I can't say I miss it really. All I could think was to wonder why I didn't get more fit walking up all of those hills and stairs.


I went to a gig tonight. A whole load of NZ bands played and it was really quiet cool.
My favourite by far was The Artisan Guns. They are so lovely. I loooove his voice. Honestly, I could listen to it for hours.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Baking is so much fun. I baked mini muffins this afternoon. They came out so weird. They were boysenberry, banana and white chocolate but the bananas had been frozen so they made the batter kind of brown and then when I added the berries it went the most foul colour.
They came out as a greeny, bluey, brown colour. It was really very odd.
They tasted yum though.
Mini muffins are fun. They are very cute.
But you have to be careful because it's so easy to eat a lot of them.


The glorious sun wash shining this afternoon.
I was either half an hour late for a lecture or half an hour early for a tutorial. It depends what way you look at it really. Glass half full or half empty kind of thing.
Anyway, I used my spare half hour to chill outside in the sun. It was warming my back as I sipped on my peach nata with pearls from Momo's. It was a lovely feeling.
Every time the sun creeped behind a cloud I shivered but it wasn't long until it emerged out the other side and heated me up.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Tonight we didn't have band practise because it's school holidays. Sometimes it's very refreshing to just take a break. Even if you spend it watching a bad film (Smart People).

Monday, September 21, 2009


This morning was chaotic. We had a food frenzy party at Promiseland. It was so much fun. We played many food-related games, iced biscuits, made funny faced desserts, and managed to get sprinkles everywhere. It was great.
I knew that the morning would be absolutely crazy so I just chilled and let it all unfold. It was great not to get panicy. We just had fun.
ALSO, the best part was when John gave the gospel message and there were six kids who responded. How cool is that!? That's the most exciting part.


Today I picked up Michelle and we went to church to make up 19 packets of instant dessert. Don't worry, we didn't eat it all. It's for Promiseland in the morning.
It was loads of fun making so much mess and just getting to hang out.
Michelle is really cool and she's easy to chill with. It was heaps of fun. And I got to help her procrastinate from doing homework. Wins all round.


I think it's good to start the day early. It puts you in the right frame of mind. I got up early and caught the bus into town. I was there at 7:30! This is amazing.
Things are just different at that time in the morning. The air is crisp, ready for the sun to come out and warm it up. The shops aren't open yet. Even the people are different. Hardly any students are up and Queen St is bustling with people buying coffees before work.
I was early for breakfast with Sarah so I bought a hot chocolate (with marshmallows) and just watched people rush by.
It was really most interesting.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Isn’t that period of time when the sun is preparing to set and the air turns slightly chilly so amazing. I love it..
I was in Albert Park this afternoon and it had been beautifully sunny all afternoon. All of a sudden at around 4:30 I noted the air change.
As I was walking through it felt so good to be outside and walking about. There were flowers and leaves on the trees and just the right amount of crispiness in the atmosphere.
Summer is coming!


As I was walking down Shortland St I saw a bunch of about 40 police men and women getting their photos taken in a little courtyard. When I got closer to them they started crossing over to my side of the road. I met up with the mob as we all turned into the entrance to the escalators to take us to the bottom of town.
It was so incredibly weird to see my reflection in the mirrors as we travelled down the escalators. I stood out so much. I was wearing red in a sea of blue.
It's not every day that you are surrounded by 40 odd police on your way home.
Maybe if you had just escaped from prison.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Tonight at Lifegroup a couple came to visit and share their wisdom. We were talking about what it really means to be a Christian, especially in our culture.
I loved just discussing current issues and learning about what they thought. Even though they are slightly older (a bit older than my parents) they were really contemporary, they understood where we are coming from. It was so great just to get some advice on how we can live out our faith.
Calling yourself a Christian is a HUGE responsibility. People already have preconceived notions about what the word means so you have to be careful how you use it.
I mean, it's bearing God's name. It's like having a different surname. Kind of. But yeah. You have to be so careful.
I think what it really boils down to is being able to say, like Paul, "follow my example as I follow the example of Christ."
How cool would it be to be able to say that and be confident in what you were saying.


Uni is back.
But it wasn't actually so bad. I felt pretty proud at getting through the whole day.
It was really nice to see everyone and to feel like I was part of the uniness again.
I'm going to make more of an effort to like it.
Here goes...


I was scrubbing the shower this afternoon and I was reminded of a time when Sundays used to be do-things-around-the-house day. We used to be knocking walls down, watching Dad dig trenches, banging nails in or just doing chores on Sundays when we were little.
I felt oddly reminiscent as I was squirting Shower Power everywhere. It felt kinda good to have that feeling back. Family Sundays are well-spent Sundays.


Isn't it great to hang out with old friends.
Tonight Esther came around and we drooled over Gerard Butler in The Phantom Of the Opera. He has an amazing voice. His face isn't that bad either, apart from the weird thing his lips do when he speaks.
Anyhow, my point is that it's nice to just be so comfortable with someone and so truthful. We talked for aaages before going to sleep. It felt great to have a good old heart to heart. Once in a while it's lovely to share everything with someone.


CAUTION: Parts of the following may or may not have been embellished c/o Daniel Ward.

My brother was awesome to me today. It's nice to know I'm related to pure fabulousity.

But no.

I watched The Kite Runner today. It's one of the best films I have ever seen. It was amazing. Just so beautiful. I feel like I understand the Arab culture a bit more. The kids are so gorgeous.
I love the way it was filmed too. The cinematography was subtle but it was beautiful.


Today there was a package come in the post. Mum brought it into my room and said it was addressed to me. I knew what it was and told her that I actually got it for her.
A month or so ago I was in a cafe in Mt Eden where I picked up a magazine all about chairs. I thought to myself, "Mum would really enjoy this because she loves chairs a hang of a lot."
Since then I did some research and tried to find out what the magazine was and where I could get it from.
Turns out it's called Design Folio and it was the first issue of the NZ magazine. It's pretty cool.
Giving it to Mum was the best though. It's so nice to surprise someone. Especially because I had put the effort into finding and ordering it.
Gift-giving is splendid.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This evening I had a terrible headache. It came from staring at a screen too long. It was the kind behind your eyes and in your temples.
It felt so good to lie in bed and close my eyes and feel the darkness surround me and my pain fade away.
Sleep is definitely the cure for square eyes.


Today I went through the prayer box we have at Promiseland and I always love reading what's really going on in the kid's hearts and minds. Today was no different.
There were some questions like "why dose God love us" (spelled like that).
There were prayers of thanks for healing in response to ones a week or so ago asking for healings.
There were prayers of thanking Jesus for being their "forever friend."
There were prayers thanking God for a bed and a house and family.
I love hearing them ask God for things but even more I love that they can recognize the blessings too.
Reading their prayers is so encouraging.
It's what makes me so excited to do my job.


Tonight at band everyone was not focussing at all. They were really all over the place. I let them be. It was actually quite fun. Barry kept being trouble and making everyone laugh when we were trying to do devotions. I couldn't be caught finding it too humorous or he'd try it again.
He did anyway.
Ahh well.
Sometimes it's good just to have fun and laugh together even if we don't get all that much practising in.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Father's Day!

I gave my dad a little package of goodies.

I also went to see my poppa who is in hospital because his legs won't move when he tells them to walk. I hate hospitals. They are so depressing. Especially on Father's Day. I only went to see him for a wee while and we were just chatting. It was so horrible telling him that it was time for me to leave. He tried to keep conversation going. Poor Pops. Hospitals aren't much fun. Not even with a remote for the bed which moves up and down. The novelty must wear off. He really appreciated the visit, I could tell. It felt good that I did end up going. I was trying to talk myself out of it because I hate hospitals so much. I'm glad it didn't work.


I am no longer a fiery red head.
My hair is a rich dark brown.
I quite like it. It's a change but it looks cool.
I love dying my hair. I thought it would be annoying once I started. I love the idea that it can make a person look so different.
Plus my hair was looking so terrible what with the regrowth so it was refreshing to have nice hair again.
Next colour = platinum blonde.


Everything I said yesterday is true. My life is consumed by Alias. I keep thinking there are agents lurking everywhere.

Anyhow, today I went to the bank and gave them the biggest cheque of my life. In truth, I'm not meant to spend it. It's for paying back uni fees BUT it still felt very cool.
I've been carrying it around for far too long. Now I can't lose it because its in the bank.


I started watching Alias today. It is amazing.
I used to watch it when I was at intermediate. I loved it. I would have to have silence while I watched it. If anyone so much as cleared their throat I would tell them not so politely to leave the room.
Nothing has changed.
Each episode is full of plot twists, intrigue and many cliffhangers. Oh the cliffhangers kill me.
When an episode finishes I cannot help but click into the next one. I can tell that my holidays are going to be consumed with Alias.
There are five seasons.


Giving gifts is such a cool thing to do.
Just ones which say thanks.
I did that this morning.
It felt really good to appreciate someone in that way.
It went down well too.
It just made me feel like I'd done something nice and people like to know that they are being recognized for what they do.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Today I have had the worst day of my life. That may seem melodramatic but it sure feels that way.
I dunno what went wrong. My theory is lack of sleep + hormones. It doesn't equal something fantastic. I've been so snappy and I even cried. What the heck!
Anyway, in an effort to calm myself down I put on the soothing tones of Taylor Swift and I made myself a hot vanilla drink. It was so amazing how much I calmed down.
Who woulda thought Taylor would have that effect

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Tonight we had people over after church. It was so good to be doing that again. We watched Changeling and just hung out.
We used to do it all the time but then it just stopped so it felt good to be back in the swing of things.
Just chillin' is awesome.


Today, driving home from Sarah's I was stuck in traffic and I was crawling onto the onramp. Normally I would be doing 100km/h over that spot and it struck me how different things look at that speed.
I looked ahead of me and a few cars up someone was taking a photo. I looked at what he was photographing and I realised that it was beautiful in that spot with the cars and the city and the trees. I would never have seen it if I was going 100.
That's kind of an analogy for life too. Especially at the moment. Sould Out camp helped me to stop and find the beauty in people and in nature. It seems silly but everything has been going so fast lately.
There's my little spiel.


Tonight I stayed over at Sarah's flat. It was so funny. When we finally got to bed it was like our fourteen year old selves took over. We got all giggly and we talked about boys. It was quite hilarious.
I secretly think that whenever you have a slumber party it's like you get transported back into your early teens. We did anyway.


This morning when I woke up I had the best prayer time ever. I'm starting a prayer journal. I really hope I'll be able to keep this up. Morning devotions don't work easily but maybe I can get in a pattern.
They just start your day off on the right note and put you in such a good attitude for the day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I discovered Little Boots today.
Every time I find a new artist or band to love I can't stop listening to them for a few days.
It's going to be like that this time.
She's so cool.
I love her popiness and her lyrics are sweet.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Tonight at lifegroup we had the most delectable cheesecake in the world. It really was delicious. Cheesecake is one of the most scrummy desserts on the face of the earth. The texture of this one was perfect and it just was so creamy and tasty.
Oh wow.


My friend, Ana turned 26 today. 26! But it's ok because no way does she look that old. Or act it actually. She's too much fun to be that old. She'll be so proud if she ever read this.
I think her birthday is a pretty remarkable occasion. We went out for dessert and there were heaps of people there. I'm glad too because she's a pretty remarkable person and deserves to feel special.


I love the feeling when something just becomes clear to you, something you've been confused about for ages.
It happened to me today.
It was the first of my extra Tongan tuition and I asked Melenaite to go through pronouns with me and when you use each one and where in a sentence.
It just clicked.
It was amazing.
I felt so good after that. Two semesters of struggling with it and now I have it down pat.
It's a great feeling.


So camp has been amazing. Honestly, I love these kids. They are loads of fun to hang with.
This morning worship was actually amazing. As it was the last morning of camp they had got to know the songs and they were singing so loud.
It was flippin cool to see some of them still at intermediate but having that real heart for worship. They really meant what they were singing.
It's so exciting to see because I love that I've been part of that journey. One girl who is in yr 8 now has been through Promiseland and I've watched as she's built up that passion for worship each Sunday.
What a privilege to see God at work in these kids lives. Ahhh man.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today I preached my first sermon.
Except it wasn't really a sermon at all.
Let's call it a sermonette.
It went ok. I felt a little jumbled.
But yeah. I threw out some lollies which they seemed to enjoy. Made them a little excited though.
I'm pretty proud of myself. For a first attempt it wasn't too shocking I don't think.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today it felt like summer. The sun was shining. I love driving when it feels like that. It's so great to have the sun beating down on you.
I didn't even mind that I was wearing jeans and a winter top. It made me feel like summer had snuck up on me. I was so hot but it was a welcome change to the freezing cold of the past few months.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today Amy baked cupcakes and I iced them. We took them in to some of the girls from church who were at school.
It was so weird to be back. My brother forced me to go see my old drama teacher, Mr Roberts (Robdog). He has a manky ginge beard now. It's bad.
It cracks me up that high school was such a made up world. It was this messed up hierarchy of social order and you are afraid to stick a toe out of line. I wish I had.
I know I haven't been out of school for long at all but it seems like eons ago I was wondering what the popular crew thought of me and I was so afraid not to break any rules.
It's crazy how much I was scared of the rules at school. It's so stupid now I look at it. Teachers hardly know. I'm pretty sure Amy and I weren't meant to be handing out cupcakes all over the school during lunchtime. It was fun though.
So many looks. People thought we were insane.
And they cut down the flagpole! They did a Hone Heke all up on my grill.
So much has changed.


I have been watching Ally McBeal Season 1.
It's the best sitcom ever. The only one to do with lawyers I will ever be into.
Apart from the fashion it's so fantastic (honestly, she wears suit jackets longer than her hemline). It's so witty. And just so nineties.
I couldn't stop watching till it finished.
I totally got sucked into the romantic drama. I'm so terrible for that.
If you ever get the chance, watch it.


I went to a pub quiz this evening. We severely lost. It was fun though.
It's so crazy to see what people know in the back of their minds. Jono surprised me by pulling out the title of an old 80s hit and my own father knew that it was Whitney Houston who got busted carrying marijuana into Hawaii.
Who woulda thought.
I was actually very impressed with him.
Odd surprises are the best.


I had the most glorious piece of carrot cake today.
It was simply amazing.
Remembering it is almost as good.
I'm salivating.
It made the meeting far, far more endurable.
Although, meetings aren't too bad.
But that cake.
Oh man.


This afternoon was the church AGM.
AGMs are generally very interesting experiences. They are definitely dead boring for long stretches of time. But then it's usually worth all that when they get subjects of doctrine or music. Those two subjects are rather controversial at my church.
I was supervising the kids watching a movie during all this (We got through one and a half films) but I heard about it after.
I just love that everyone was congratulating one guy for standing up and sharing his mind. People were punching him on the shoulder and saying, "well done" and, "good on you." It was as if he had stuck it to the man.
I will never get church politics.

But it does amuse me.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Today was remarkable because I woke up around midday and had a lack-of-sleep bleary eyed headache for the first few hours afterwards.
I love that I actually got to bed late enough to cause one.
It felt so great to be tired for an actual reason.

Another remarkable thing about today is having friends over and singing along to Chicago, Moulin Rouge, and The Lion King. It's so great to have friends with which I don't care about what I look or sound like. It sure is fun.

Isn't Ewan McGregor such a looker?


I just got home from the BEST gig ever in the whole world. It was Teacups, Solomon, Phil Austen and the Bayonets, and The Great North.
What a lineup.
They were all amazing.
Plus I love going to Solomon gigs because there's the weirdest mixture of school and church friends and this time because of the other artists there were friends from all over there. Man it was cool.

My favourite was Phil Austen and the Bayonets. They were so mellow and so beautiful. I could have listened to them forever even though my feet were aching because of standing up too long.

Afterwards we chilled at Denny's. It really was a fantastic evening.


We had a reunion meeting for Tonga tonight. It was cool just to hang with the team again and reminisce. I quite enjoyed myself.
It's amazing to be able to share an experience like that with other people and know that we all grew and learned new things together.
Also, Shona made these amazing muffins. They were to die for. I couldn't believe myself. The whole plate was gone by the end of the meeting and there was quite a platter. I helped there a little bit. Undid all the good exercising.


I actually did some exercise today.

You should all be so proud.

I certainly am.

It felt so good.

I hurt now.

The good kind of hurt.

Exercise definitely makes you cheerful.


I watched Step Up 2 this afternoon and man they can dance. The last scene where they take to the streets is amazing.
I wish I could move like that. I'd like to think that if I had carried on with dancing and gotten really committed I could do it. I'd like to think so anyway.
It's amazing how they can combine classical and hip hop like that. It blows my mind. It's not in the final dance but yes. The main guy does it. Chase.



This evening at band I handed out a new song, Happy Day by Tim Hughes and we worked on it most of the practise. By the time practise was over we almost had it down. It was such a cool feeling.
The song is awesome too. I can just feel that the kids are gonna love it. It has such powerful lyrics and not too much for them. Wooo!
I love making worship as a band. It's awesome cos when something sounds good or works out really well it's like glorifying God right there. I don't know how to explain it but it's cool.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I just got home from competing in my church Talent Quest. It was so much fun.
I forgot how much I love performing, even though I get so unbelievably nervous.
Dan and I performed a song. It was cool to be up there with him. He's so natural on stage.
It's so exhilarating!
Here's the original song. We added another verse.


Natalie Portman is gorgeous.
She's so bold. I looked her up on IMDB and she's said some pretty cool stuff.
If I was an actress I'd want to be like her.
I love how she shaved all her hair off and didn't even care.
If only more celebrities could be like her. They all just seem so self-obsessed and I bet old Nat isn't perfect but she knows that fame isn't everything and she doesn't do silly things to be in the spotlight.

Also, her face is nice. It was perfect for her role in Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. One day I, too shall own a magic store.

Just. You. Wait.


Fridays are the best days ever. I don't have uni so I'm free to lay in and do whatever I please.
Today I went shopping with Mum.
I bought two dresses and some shoes. They are pretty dresses and practical shoes. Plus Mum was happy.
It's always nice to actually buy something when I go shopping. I usually look around, get daunted by price tags and tell myself I'll find something just as good at an op shop. That hardly ever happens.
But yes. Shop assistants kept commenting on how we were having a shopping day out. I felt so weird because it's not something I've thought of doing before. Shopping for a whole entire day just for fun. No thanks.
New stuff is always fun though. Especially trying it on when you get home with all different ensembles.


I think my hormones are getting the better of me because I shed a tear tonight during Anne Of Green Gables - the Sequel.
So shoot me.
It was just so happy when she FINALLY realises she's been in love with Gilbert all along.
They kiss and everything is better.
It's honestly the best cheer-up movie ever.
Everything is resolved in the best possible way, marriage for the two concerned is inevitable, and happiness and stability reigns again for Avonlea.
I feel positively uplifted.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I promised Ana I would write about her.

I went to the flat again tonight and cooked dinner. Thank goodness Kara was there to give some advice. It turned out ok.

Anyway, after dinner and a trip to the gas station to get ice creams, we got Ana's Skype up and running.

It was fun to chat for a while even though we were under the same roof. When it was time to go, she convinced me to keep my laptop on to see how far the wifi would go.

I was so impressed. I got all the way out onto the road and nearly 50m away. It was cool. Like Liz and Ana were in my car too, just chatting.

That was pretty exciting.


When I get my nose in a book (especially a trashy chick lit. novel) I become totally engrossed and can think of not much else. I extract myself from reality for a bit. That's why I got a little frustrated this afternoon when I was asked to go and help pick up a pool table for the spare room. It was up to such a good part in the book and it was so hard. I did my best not to grumble though and I was actually quite glad I went even though I wasn't much help. I should have played a game of pool with the boys but as soon as I got in the door I hurried to my room to pick up my book. I was impressed with my self-control.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We've been having technological problems at band lately and not being a technologically minded person, I don't know how to deal with it. So I called in JD to help out and he explained to David and I what we needed, how much approximately it would cost and all that. He then did our sound levels and made everything sound absolutely perfect. It was so good to sound like we were a proper band with everyone singing in the right place, no feedback from the wireless headsets and the perfect amount of volume. It's so encouraging when you can hear the potential your music has to sound even better.


This morning one boy from Promiseland handed Jessamy and I each a card quite sheepishly. He is so sweet. The envelope has chocolates stuck to it and he'd drawn pictures on it. Inside it he expressed how glad he was that we were home and that he'd missed us while we were in Tonga.
It felt so special to be appreciated like that. It makes me feel like we're doing something right when one of the kids begs his mum to make us something for when we get back.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


This evening during a screening of Anne Of Green Gables Pt. 1 I fell into hysterics. It was hilarious. Without completely meaning to be I don't think. It was just how utterly cheesy and romanticized it all was. It was so quaint, the countryside and the innocence. It was fantastic. If it weren't for the horrible outfits some of them wore (I'm talking way too much lace and bows and puffy sleeves), I would so be there.


This was a stay-in-bed-and-read-all-day day. It was so amazing. I love just curling up under the blankets and slipping out of this world and into another for a little while. Books are amazing things. You can get so caught up in them. Kinda like films but you get to be the director.


I helped a girl at uni today. She was attempting to carry her bass (as in violin, not guitar) plus a stool up a hill. All I did was take the stool for her but she appreciated it. I love helping strangers out like that. It really brightens your day. I reckon I should do it more. You end up way better off, maybe even more so than the person you helped. Warm fuzzies all round.


Tonight I went to my friend's flat and cooked them dinner. It was actually very fun. I didn't kill them with my cooking either. I loved just hanging out and watching tv. It was really nice. I felt like I was a regular old flattie too. And it was great to cook them dinner. They'd all had hard days and I know they appreciated it.


At lifegroup tonight I found out that someone from church had got themselves in a whole heap of trouble. We were talking about prayer and intercession. I couldn't imagine what I'd do in these sorts of situations without being able to pray. I'd feel so helpless. I don't understand prayer but it's so awesome to be able to talk to God in such an intimate way.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today I met with Olivia in my break. It was lovely that she could just sit in the commons with me while my laptop charged. She's so nice. Also, her last class was at 12 so she stayed in for 3 hours so we could hang. I felt so special.


I have written out this post once already and I only just realised it never posted so here we go again.

This morning it seemed like nothing would go right at Promiseland. Leaders called up sick at the last minute, technology didn't agree with me, DVD's didn't play, we didn't have the right leads. But in all that I discovered that making the service run the best or look the best didn't matter. What counted was that the leaders bond with the kids and that the kids know that they are loved and accepted when they come.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I love going to the theater. I saw Broken Embraces at the Civic tonight. I've never watched a film with so many people before. It was strange. But it was great. The screen was massive. It was such a cool experience. I kept getting distracted by the clouds that were being projected onto the ceiling. But yes. The film was long but good. I've never seen a Spanish language film and this didn't disappoint.


I'm trying out this thing where I only wash my hair every second day because it's better for it.
This is the second day so tonight I washed my hair. It was such a relief. Oh my word I could not wait.
It had got so yuck and it made me feel gross.
Blow drying it after my shower and seeing it all clean and shiny was a fantastic feeling. It's just so nice to have good hair. That's why bad hair days are such an issue.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Two remarkable things happened to make up for the lack thereof yesterday.

1: Mavis called! She's one of the girls from the church in Tonga. I really connected with her so it was so cool to hear her voice. It was so strange cos she was so quiet and I was on a bus, yelling into my phone in English scattered with Tongan. People must have thought I was insane. A lady did come sit down next to me though. Can't have been too bad.

2: Tonight was very rainy and very windy. I was driving, which was no mean feat, you can ask Sarah. It was a tad scary. Anyhow, I dropped her off at her car in the parking lot and the rain was doing something very cool on the tarmac. It looked kinda like a smoke machine but 50 times more exciting. The wind was sweeping it along the ground making ripples and waves. I would have loved to catch it on camera. I loved the way it swirled and moved. Freaking cool.


This day seemed pretty unremarkable.
I did allow my mother to purchase me a new item of clothing. At full price too! And from a real shop. It's been a while.
I love wearing new things. It makes me feel all fresh.
It's always a good day when you are wearing something brand spanking new.
That's a weird saying.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My remarkable moment for today is having the remarkable moments from the past three or so weeks done.
I'm up to date and it feels amazing.
Updating was such a daunting task as I had so many to do and the longer I put it off the more I had to do.
But it's done now!
Isn't accomplishing things such a fantastic feeling.


I have been dreading this day for three weeks. It was the day uni started again.
It wasn't as bad as I thought. I was pleasantly surprised.
I had a two hour theology lecture. It was like being in media but then he'd drop in something about God and I'd remember where I was. Pretty cool. We saw the opening sequence of Romeo and Juliet. The one with Leo. Such a fantastic film.
Anyway, yes. This course will be interesting. Liberal as. I dunno what to do. Oh well. Should be a challenge.


This morning was the leader's meeting for Promiseland.
I made the best caramel slice which I took.
It was scrummy.
So scrummy there was none left to take home.
That was sad.
Each bite was a little bit of heaven.
You wish you could have tried it.


I woke up bright and early this morning to get to the first training I have ever been part of running.
It was a bit scary seeing as I'm the youngest on the team at Promiseland (kid's church) and I'm in charge. I've got a great team though and their experience helps heaps.
It was so encouraging that the training went well. I got them all to fill in feedback forms and it was all so positive. Also, there were only a few people not there. It was such a great turn-out, even from the band!

Afterwards I took the band out to get dye and t-shirts to make new band ones. Tie-dying is high on my list of favourite activities. It was heaps of fun. We all worked together and made mess then cleaned it up and everyone's shirts look great. I love teamwork like that. Ahhh. Great day.


I hung out with Mum today.
We went to the mall.
I hate malls.
But hanging with Mum was great.
She's cool.
She's fun.
Especially when she's in one of her moods.
The silly ones.
And she giggles and giggles.


I went back to work today.
It was kinda cool to be back.
I liked to be thinking about NZ kids again and all the stuff that I needed to.
I think they missed me a bit too which is also a very nice feeling.
Ana texted me a few times and even said she wanted to see me. I miss her too.
Warm fuzzies all round.


This evening three great people graced my house with their presence, Esther, Michael and Jonathan. They were the first people outside of family I had seen since Tonga and it was fantastic to see them.
We watched One Hour Photo. It had no red though so when blood gushed out it was green. That was sort of frustrating. I'm glad the world has red. It would be too boring without it.
Also, I made dinner. The rice turned into one globby mess. They ate it though, without too much moaning. I appreciated that. the stir fry part was yum though. It was just the rice was mush. Oh well. It's cool to cook for friends. Even when it doesn't turn out quite right.


Climbing into my bed last night was amazing. I couldn't believe how soft it was. The sheets were clean and Mum had put the electric blanket on for my return. I felt like a princess. Those two factors make for a remarkable moment on a normal day, but having just shared an uncomfortable bed with Amy for two weeks, I really appreciated it ten times more.
Not that sharing a bed with Amy was a horrible experience. It was actually strange not having her there. It's a good thing I was so tired I just fell asleep straight away otherwise I may not have been able to drift off without out a few jokes and coughing fits.


It was definitely a bittersweet goodbye.
On the one hand I couldn't wait to get home and get better and have good sleeps and relax a bit but then I LOVE Tonga and everything that goes with so it was so hard to say goodbye.
I know I'll be back soon enough though and I can't wait.


We went to three churches again today. I don't know how we got through it all but we managed somehow.
The last church was an English congregation. We did our same programme there and it made me appreciate the outgoingness of the Tongans we had performed to previously because they were just so reserved. It was quite a disappointment.

I got talking to someone who had got her teaching qualifications in NZ and moved over to Tonga to teach primary kids. I think that would be so cool. Something to pray about.


This was a day of rest for us and oh man was it appreciated.
We just relaxed in town in a cafe and then headed back home to chill some more.
It was so nice not to have to do anything. I even wore shorts to town which was a tad scandalous now I think of. I showed my knees! Oh dear.
Oh well.


We had a chance to do some door knocking today. Willie (one of our hosts) took us to one of the poorest villages, Popua, which is also where the holiday club was. We went from house to house chatting with them about God.
It was amazing. I was a tad nervous because I wasn't sure how it would all go down. Willie told me I was sharing my testimony first up so when the young Tongan guy opened the door I racked my brains to think how I could make my testimony apply to him. Praise God for giving me the words to speak because at the end of it he wanted to give his life to Jesus. Oh man that was cool. And at the first house!
It really made me feel like God was working through me and using me to share the gospel with this young guy. It was so awesome.


Today we had a jam-packed day but the thing that really impacted me the most was the thing that we did for the least amount of time.
We visited the special needs school for a little while and just hung out and painted faces. We did some songs and things but we wanted just to be friendly and interact personally with the kids. They were so gorgeous. It was such a happy place. Such a great environment.

There was this little girl called Lola-Katie who went straight for the microphone and picked it up and started swaying on the spot. In her head she was performing the biggest concert of her life. It was so sweet. After we finished the songs she did three great bows and looked very pleased with herself. As we went to leave she bolted out the door and jumped in our van. I'll never forget her expression of utter joy and mischief.


Today I came down with the flu. It's no good.
Anyway, Amy, Dan and I stayed at the house while everyone went to the bible study. We were meant to go to bed early and get better. However, there was a big concert being put on by the YWAM team on the field outside our bedroom window.
We got a little curious and decided to rebel and sneak out. It was fun. We wrapped up warm and sat and watched. It was really awesome but then...
The rest of our team came home early and decided to watch too. We got caught out.
It was fun though.
It was better that we were being rebellious on a mission trip.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This morning we caught a boat to a gorgeous little island called Pangaimotu. It was so pretty. The main island is nice but a tad polluted and rubbishy so this was amazing. There's something about the beautiful blue water. It's a colour which is so difficult to reproduce.

It wasn't all play and no work though because afterwards we went to Patangata which is a poor village right by the old rubbish dump site. I saw a little girl who I had made friends with a couple of years ago. It was so cool to see her again. She didn't recognise me at first but I think she did by the end. Oh man it was cool. I've been thinking about her and praying for her all this time so to see her again was just so awesome. I really hoped I would and it happened!

Me and Sionipa:


Wow. Wow. Wow.

Today we got to go around the island like tourists and experience a bit of the beauty and wonder of Tonga.

It was amazing.

We stood right on the edge of a cliff at the topmost part of Tonga and nothing (not even a barrier) was between us and the vast ocean and the massive drop below onto freaky rocks.

It was beautiful.

We also went to a cave where you could jump off one of the tope shelve things into the deep fresh water. I wasn't brave enough so I got in a more conventional way and perched on a stalagmite at the perfect height to sit on in the water. It was amazing. There was no natural light so the lanterns were reflecting off the water. I could see right down to the bottom it was so clear.

Isn't God so cool how he creates such beautiful places. That cave would have been sitting around in all it's glory for ages before people saw it. It's like God just made it for fun. How awesome is he!?


By this stage in the trip everyone is feeling quite weary. It's been all go the whole week and we haven't had too much time to just relax.
Today was no different. We had two church services to present at and a third to just attend.
The third was at the Tongan Revival Church. It was so refreshing just to be at a church with a bit of passion. It's cool that everyone worships differently and there's not one particular style but it was cool to be free to sing and pray and jump and worship without restraint. We all just needed it to revive our spirits.
God is so good how he knows just what we need and when and he just provides it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Tongan choirs send chills down your spine. It's amazing when they sing.
We went to the prison this afternoon and they sang for us. Oh man. It was beautiful. The guy could sing so high. Flip it was cool. There was one guy who was the hugest man I have ever seen in my life. He was frightening. It's like all he has done his entire life is work out. On top of that he must have some giant blood. Crazy. I should have taken a photo of him.


We had our first night of the youth camp tonight.
Once again I have been blessed by the Tongan people.
They are so hospitable.
They put on massive feasts for us. I don't know how they afford it.
The best thing about this trip so far has been getting to know the girls from Touliki Gospel Chapel better. Last time I came it was like an initiation of the relationship but it's really special to be building upon that.
They are so gorgeous. They make us laugh so much. They have decided we are all fat and they have delivered a few of our babies so far. Even Amy! And she's tiny.


This morning we went to a little secluded beach called Secret Cove. It was stunning. White sand, crystal clear water...
We took a picnic breakfast and sat on the sand.
It was such an amazing feeling to be eating paw paw on a little beach with sand under my feet and looking out at the waves hitting the reef.


We did a programme at Lavenga Malie High School today. It was really great. We could have sung better but the drama went really well.
At the end one of the teachers got up and thanked us. We're talking a big Tongan man. He cried in front of the school. It was so touching. I'm not gonna lie, I welled up.
He said that the drama really moved him and the other aspects of the programme.
Praise God! May he use it powerfully each time we do it.


The kids here in Tonga are totally different to NZ kids. We did our first holiday club and it was just so awesome.
They are so open and just want to touch you and hug you and have your attention.
We did our programme in this beautiful woman named Toa's house. There is swamp literally a meter from the back door. The living conditions were so shocking and yet the kids who all lived in the same area were so joyful.
It blew us all away.
When we brought out the craft stuff and the lollies you should have seen their faces. It was amazing. It was as if they'd never seen anything like the colourful pipecleaners and pom poms in their lives.
They made me think that I should be so much more grateful for everything that I have. Flip.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We have FINALLY landed in Tonga.
Oh man what a journey.
We couldn't land because the clouds were so low so we flew to Fiji to wait a while. It was so great. Now I can say I've been to Fiji. No stamp on the passport though.
Being on top of the clouds is such an awesome feeling.
They look so beautiful. The way they form little puffs and are such a beautiful white. I love it.


It is 12:00am and I still haven't finished packing. I am going to get very little sleep before I have to be up and ready to go to Tonga.
It is rather exciting all this.
I love early morning flights. They just make you feel like you are going on the biggest adventure ever.
I cannot wait!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


This fog is so beautiful.
I love driving in it. It makes things mysterious. Especially when accompanied by Trunk - Kings Of Leon.
I was dropping Amy home in it when we discovered a fun game.
I put the car in neutral to glide down the hill and then we decided we should see how far we got so we turned the corner and tried to get all the way to the beach. The car looked like it was going to come to a standstill so we both started jumping in our seats. It propelled the car forward and we even got over a speed bump.
We were in fits of laughter it was so much fun. We tried different locations in mairangi bay. We failed to get around the round about though. Ahhh what a hoot!


Oh man.
I bought the most delicious taste explosion in your mouth drink today. It was called Lychee Fusion.
I was a tad weary because yesterday I bought the most foul drink ever. I can't read the writing on it so I never know what I'll get but it tasted gross. Like burnt candy. I shudder to think.
That's why today's purchase was so much more appreciated.
It was amazing. Really.

In other news, Michael Jackson has died. I saw a giant burger doing the moonwalk on the pavement in tribute.


This has been the week for seeing people I haven't seen in ages.
I had coffee with Jess today.
I went to uni to study and as soon as I'd sat down and got out my laptop I got a call from Jess.
It was great.
She's just go sweet and happy that she makes me so happy.
I hadn't hung out with her one on one ever I don't think. We certainly have to more often.
It's always such a treat seeing people you haven't seen in a while, especially if the other alternative is studying.


Today I went to Esther's house and she, Jono (second mention!!!) and myself made lemon meringue pie and did a puzzle.
I say I was involved in making the pie but really I just offered my bowl licking services.
I have since learned you shouldn't lick the bowl because raw egg can give you salmonella poisoning. I will still do it in future however.
Anyway, it was lovely just to hang with them as I haven't seen them in so long.
Puzzles are also great fun and you can't beat lemon meringue pie.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This evening Mum and I decided to do some exercise so I was teaching her some pilates moves and then we were jumping around to Basshunter.
She made me laugh so hard. I couldn't do my exercises properly because she looked so darn funny.
In one move which is meant to be so graceful she looked like a toddler throwing a tantrum and then in another she looked like someone was tazering her.
Man was it a laugh.


The Spanish royals are in NZ!
I saw them!
Well not them actually but they were in the Fale when I walked past. I was wondering why there were so many police and guards around.
It was awesome.
I felt like I was in a movie.
There were all these Mercedes with tinted windows and these three VW vans which had stickers on the windshields saying "Royal Family." Soooo cool.
It was like the Princess Diaries.
There were these two girls outside the Fale office squealing and jumping around in a way which only Pacific Islanders can. It was so funny. Their joy was contagious.
I love that.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's such a great feeling when something you've put so much work and effort into pays off fully.
This morning the kids did a skit/song thing for the main church and it was so darned cute.
They all dressed up as animals and sung a song and did actions.
Oh man was it great.
They did so well and I am so proud.
But yes.
It had the potential to be disastrous and it wasn't!
Praise God!


Tonight I stayed up way too late.
Sometimes it's nice just to be out and about knowing that you should really be in bed.
I felt badass.
Not really.
I was watching How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days at Kelly's place.
You know that groggy, tired, I just wanna sleep feeling? Yup.
But it was cool.
Have been too sensible as of late.

Friday, June 19, 2009


It's lovely just to have quality time with one's mother. I went to lunch and then Ike's Emporium and then church with mine today.
It was nice just to spend time doing stuff with her.
She's pretty swell is my mum.


Tonight I went to the scary washing machine auction closing charity party thing.

It was so cool to feel part of the action.

We took loads of photos of the machine.

It really was quite loud.

Lived up to the auction.

If you don't know what I'm talking about check out www.scarywashingmachine.com

I even touched it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today I FINALLY handed in my second assignment for Tongan 201.
It felt unbelievably good.
Like a whole weight off my shoulders.
Why couldn't I just have done it earlier.
I'm so stupid.
But it was an amazing feeling.
I love Tongan.
One and a bit weeks!


I could not sleeeeeeep.
I have been so good for the last couple of nights too.
However, tonight I went to bed at 10:30 and was all snuggled up but my mind was racing. I kept thinking of things to do and people I needed to email. Goodness it was awful.
I got fed up at about 12:40 when I grabbed Adam and started surfing.
I got into an awesome conversation with a friend of mine. It was great to chat. She's one of those people with whom I always seem to have DMC's with. Mostly late at night. I feel as though I slam her all the time for stuff but she takes it and she seems to appreciate my honesty about life and God and such.
It's cool to have someone to be open about that sort of thing with.
I think that it was a divine appointment of sorts.
Although I am shattered right now.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Tonight at band practise I totally laid the smack down about comittment and being on time.
It was so good just to do that and to have them listen to me.
It was amazing how the atmosphere in the room just dropped as I explained why they need to be there on time and how slacking off is not acceptable.
But the practise was so much more focussed and we got everything done. We even finished early! Amazing.
Do not cross me. I shall unleash my wrath and fury.


This morning the team from church going to Tonga went to a little Tongan church in South Auckland. It was so cool.
The guy who's kinda like the pastor spoke and he interchanged between Tongan and English. It was amazing. One day I shall be able to do that. he had lived in Tonga for 15 years. But man.
It was awesome because I was able to understand a few words of the Tongan and get the gist of what he was saying. I was so proud.
I love other cultures. They are so interesting.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


This day as I was driving up to an intersection it was pouring down and all the lights were reflecting off the road surface.
It was so beautiful.
There was red and green and white and orange.
It looked so lovely.
Kinda like one of those photos where you capture the light in such a way it creates lines.


Tonight was the first time in a long time I had been to Emerge which is the youth church at Albany City Church.
It was so great to walk in and be greeted with smiles and squeals.
It made me feel so special.
I love those people and it's been way to long since I had seen them.
PLUS I beat Craig at a car game on the xbox.
That's never happened before.


Tonight I went around to my friend's flat and we just hung out. I drank coke! And ate the biscuits which SHE left in the oven too long.
It was just great fun.
OH! And have you seen the new cardboard Cadbury chocolate packaging?
Scandal! Same price of 50g less. Shocking.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Not in the absolutely no-cost way, but in the break-out-of-prison way.
This is the day I have been waiting for for about 20 months. What a cause for celebration!
Seeing my naked teeth for the first time was a tad weird.
They looked rather large. I am more used to it now though.
They were oh so slimy as I ran my tongue over them. I couldn't help but do it.
Ohhh. Free teeth worldwide I say!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today I just felt God was near me all day.
It was so cool to feel his presence just as I went about my day.
I know he's there all the time it's just I could sense him more today maybe.

It is also very cool how God can use people in such small ways to impact hugely on someone else. I just felt today around about lunchtime that I should pray for this one girl in my band who is having a bit of a rough time at school with some other girls. I just texted her some simple encouragement. It honestly took a few seconds.
She replied in an email when she got home and said how lunch was so awful for her today and thanks because what I said really meant a lot to her, not just in her school situation but where she's at with God and that it was just at the right time when she really needed it.

I love that God can use us and prompt us to do things that could be so meaningless or simple but really it has eternal or crucial implications.


Dutch Liquorice is so good.
The first taste is all salty weirdness and then it just keeps getting better.
So much so that you cannot stop.
You just keep reaching in for more.
This variety is farmer liquorice.
I take a cow and chew the head off first, a maiden and nibble her feet, a barn and chew the roof.
You get the idea.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Isn't nice to come home after a really long day and just be home.
It just feels so cosy and familiar and comfortable.
Especially when it is accompanied by a nice hot cup of tea.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


This evening I went to a 21st waaaaaayyy out in the wops.
It was so scary driving around all the bends in the pitch black, especially after Mum has told me the road I was on is notorious for crashes.
Not fun.
Then I got lost.
I went too far and wound up on a very narrow metal road.
It was like something out of a horror film.
To make matters worse I was listening to Kings Of Leon with all their ambiance and it was creeping me out.
But it was definitely an experience.
Thinking back it was quite fun.
Livin life on the edge.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


As I look off into the distance
Watching the sun roll on by
Beautiful colors all around me
Painted all over the sky
The same hands that created all of this
They created you and I
What a beautiful God
And what am I, that I might be called Your child
What am I, what am I
That You might know me, my King
What am I, what am I
That You might die, that I might live
-Shawn McDonald, "Beautiful"

Tonight's dusk was just so perfect. The sky was a lovely amber and I love the way it contrasted to the concrete and the cars on the way home.
I took a photo on my phone but it was shocking. Can't see a thing. No point in uploading.
At the same time as that I was listening to my iPod and it was just so fitting.

Friday, June 5, 2009


It is the 4th which means that it is less than a week until I get my teeth jewelery off.
How exciting!
But today I got in a fit of giggles. It hasn't happened in quite a long time. It was so great just to laugh and not be able to stop.
I was filming Amy say a video notice and she just kept cracking me up. It was shakey camera so bad every take.
She was just far too enthusiastic.
Ohhh good times.
Laughing cures everything.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today I watched The Butterfly Effect. It made me really sad because I felt so sorry for him at the end. The only way things could have been better is if he were never born. That's just awful.
I'm so thankful that God has an awesome plan and that everyone is meant to fit into it. No life is worthless.
Most people don't realize that though. They should because life is so hopeless without the knowledge that you are part of something way bigger than the few years you are on this planet.


I rediscovered my love for The Sims today.
I loaded it onto the computer thinking it would be harmless and I'd just make a couple of people and I wouldn't get too into it.
I love it. There's something about controlling the little people that's so much fun.
I remember making a town full of all my friends when I was younger. I thought it was hilarious when some of them got in fights.
Ahhh it's an ingenious game.


My mum went to Kuala Lumpur yesterday for a conference. Dad got all excited this morning and woke up early to make bacon and eggs for breakfast. He can do whatever he likes because Mum isn't at home. He didn't even clean up.
But yes. I was still in bed when my brother came into my room brandishing a plate full of goodness.
I've never had breakfast in bed before. It was such a treat.
I felt so special.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Tonight I checked out my friend Esther's church. It was so refreshing to be in a less conservative church for a change. I love my church but it was cool to have the time just to reflect and spend some time in God's presence. Also it was nice because usually I'm doing something at church and I don't get that time for myself there. So it was cool being just part of a congregation.
The worship was cool too. It was all about lifting God up and honoring him. There was no "I" or "me" in the lyrics at all. How cool is that!? I think he'd be pleased about that.


It is break-up season at the moment.

This afternoon my friend broke up with her boyfriend of ages.

Amy and I popped round to see her and it was so cool just to chill and talk and to just be there for her.

We ate skittles and gummy bears and made too much noise too late at night.

It was nice.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


My car is all better, you will be pleased to know.

To celebrate I picked up Sarah and went back to my house to watch Lars and the Real Girl. It was such a lovely film. I didn't think I would ever say that about a film starring an Angelina Jolie-esque sex doll.

We were in a bit of a spontaneous mood so we decided we would like to go to Cassette. When we got there and saw there was someone standing at the door with a list of names we decided to go to Cornerbar instead. It was cosy and nice in Cornerbar.

We soon got bored and moved on to Momotea. I love Peach natas with pearls.

I received a text or two from Han-Gyul Cho and Nicole who were at Denny's so we rocked on in there and chilled.

It really was cool just to be out and about and going with the flow.


This morning I did the rounds with Dad before he dropped me at work because my car is still sick.

It was really cool just to spend about an hour of quality time with him as we did some errands (picked up radiator hoses and dropped off a welder).

I like how we don't always have to talk. It's cool just chillin' with Chris Tomlin blaring and singing along. He doesn't even comment on how bad my almost-harmonies are.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This evening the sky was so red. It was absolutely stunning. At the time when I saw the red sky I happened to be walking by a pond with ducks in it. The pond was reflecting the sky and the ducks just enhanced the picture.
It really was splendid.
I should start taking photos of things to accompany my posts.
You should have seen it.
Enough said.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Tonight at lifegroup we talked about patience or longsuffering and how God is so awesome to be so patient with humankind.
Just think about the Israelites in the desert. They kept mucking up even after God had revealed himself and his goodness to them many times over. Even personally, I just don't know why he even bothers half the time.
I would have given up on me long ago.
He never has though and to me that's amazing. It's one of the most hopeful things I can think of.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I love trees.
No really in the "save the trees" kinda way.
They are just so beautiful.
Especially right now at the in-betweeen Autumn and Winter stage.
There's something about the spindley branches that I love.

At work I look out my window and there's such a cute wee tree there.
It has shed most of it's leaves but there are still some hanging on for dear life.

If you think about it, the life of a leaf would be hard. You probably don't even last from spring to August and if you are fortunate enough to osmosisize and photosynthesize enough during the year all your hard work isn't even appreciated by the tree and it just throws you off after it's had enough.

It really must be tough.


Tonight at church we did a response to the Red Bucket Series which we have been doing.
It's been a really good series getting convicted by Ps Andrew about confession and not living in the world and all that so it was cool to spend some time and reflect and make a decision about how we want to live.

It was so great just to see so many people go to the stations and do business with God and also the people who responded to prayer and the ones who just sat and reflected in their seats. I love when we have nights like this where you see people getting on their knees before God. It's awesome.

Monday, May 25, 2009


All of today I was in a weird mood. Just strange. Not emotionally. But like chemically. I think.
It was just strange. I think it has to do with the weather.

Moving along...

I had a great day with Liz today. We watched Seven Pounds which was great. It sure was weird though.
Everything was weird today.
But yes. Seven Pounds.
It's so good to see good acting again. Refreshing.
Will Smith is amazing.
The film was also very convicting. Like wow. he was willing to give parts of himself to other people. That's selflessness. Sure, he had been a big meanie before that but still. He redeemed himself well.

I am rambling.

I'll stop.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


It was soooo chilly walking back down to Britomart from uni today.

I bought a hazelnut hot chocolate and from the moment of the first sip it seemed to warm me up from the inside out.

Mmmmm. I love hot chocolates on cold winter days.

The only problem is when they finish.


I spent a chunk of time today working on a video presentation I am making for the Global day of Prayer for Children at Risk.
I was watching videos and looking at pictures about abortion, abuse, poverty, trafficking, war and disease, and yuck stuff like that.
It was just so eye opening.
Not that I didn't know it was all happening but I just rediscovered how fallen this world is.
I really feel like I should be doing more about reducing all this crap in the world.
I mean, how the HECK could you bash up a baby so bad that they die. That's awful.
I think that this realisation is remarkable just because of how important it is to realise that these things happen and they need to stop.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I got Adium today. It is a programme for Macs which allow for all the different IM windows to be in one. How cool.

This means that I chatted to all my old MSN contacts for the first time in so long.
I never realised how much I missed them.

I had a great old yarn to Han about life and Taylor Swift. It was great.

Friends are cool. I'm so glad for the interwebs and the ability to have them at your fingertips whenever.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I went to the lecture I never go to today. I just dread it. It's like I've put a mental block in place which doesn't allow me to think anything positive about it.
But it was fun today. What made it fun was sitting next to Ellen and then walking to Britomart with her and laughing our heads off at our own silly jokes.
Laughing is grand.
Thanks Ellen.
Ch-Ch-Ch-Chaucer (personal joke)


My car has broken down which means I have to walk everywhere and catch the bus.
It's not so bad.
It means I get some much needed exercise.
Walking also means I can listen to my iPod and think.
Thinking is great. I tend to over-analyse everything. It's just how I am though.
But yeah. there's nothing like thinking to yourself walking along the footpath with your hands in your pockets and the wind in your face.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I have a new addiction.
It is called Bejeweled.
I just cannot stop playing. I was up until very late last night/this morning because of it.
When I shut my eyes I see shining jewels just waiting for me to put them in rows of three.
There's something very satisfying about lining them up and seeing them blow up.
At the moment I'm the top of my friends leaderboard.
If you want to challenge me IT'S ON!
Facebook me.


Today was a lazy day.
I procrastinated all day.
I feel really guilty. Not a nice feeling.
This evening we had guests for dinner. The little kids were so cute. I entertained them. Really I just stuck Hairspray on and let them create me a moshi monster.
At the end of Hairspray we got up and danced in the credits. It was great fun just to let go and dance like no one was watching. They loved it.
Dancing can be such a release.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today I had my Hong Kong Cinema lecture. It is freezing in the room. You walk in and it hits you like a heat wave except icy cold. To make matters worse, it's a two hour lecture.
Every Friday I try to dress accordingly and suffer the agony of sweating all the way up the hill in the sun to uni just so I'm not so cold in the lecture. I always underestimate the coldness of the room though.
Today was no different.
Walking in I was quite pleased with myself as I had my trusty woolen scarf to wrap around me if the need came up. And sure enough it did about 5 - 10 minutes in. I placed it very strategically to begin with so my back and neck were covered. As time went on however, I was trying to get as much as possible inside this little scarf. I had my arms in and my lecturer had to say something mighty important to draw my hand out to take a quick note. I had it up around my nose after a bit and then my ears because they were getting cold.
I realized in that moment how much like my mother I am. No matter how foolish she will look, she does whatever she can to keep warm. Scarves, coats, jumpers, socks. They all come in to play in the wintertime. I would have looked like a right idiot trying to fit my whole body under the little scarf. I truly am my mother's daughter.
It made me smile to realize that.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Today I got my full license! Hooray. It made me very happy indeed. The guy who took me was a bit dodge though. He kept patting my thigh to reassure me and he said it wasn't just my "pretty face" that passed me. Gross.


I like clouds. I saw these clouds today that were amazing. They were actually like cotton wool balls. I just wanted to jump in them.
Imagine if you could though.
How much fun would that be.
Well, you'd also have to imagine that they were made up of something more solid.
But if you can stretch your imagination that far the possibility is just amazing.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I know that if I don't write this today it will just be harder tomorrow.

Getting mail is way cool.

It's even better when it's unexpected.

I received an issue of K! Magazine (for children's pastors and leaders) in the post and I read it all in one go.

Loved it.

I was so excited to get it though. I don't know how many I paid for in my subscription so I'm always surprised when they pop up.

It felt so luxurious to be wrapped up in a blanket and reading a very awesome magazine about what I'm passionate about.

PLUS the issue was perfect for me at this time. Like so written for me to read to sort out some stuff that's going down and stuff that isn't that should be.
I love how God answers prayers and how he arranges little coincidences just to make us smile or to make us think.


I cooked dinner tonight. It wasn't an amazing dish or anything. Just pasta bake.
My family loved it though. In fact there wasn't enough of it because they just wanted more.
It's so nice to be appreciated like that.
I'm no super chef or even a good cook so it was lovely that they liked what I made.
I forgot the breadcrumbs though. It would have been ten times better if I had remembered them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It's been pretty miserable weather but today as I was coming over the harbour bridge on my way home Rangitoto looked so beautiful.
It was as if the grey clouds parted to form a little clearing just above the island.
It really was beautiful.
I can't describe it very well but it was kind of all ugly and grey everywhere but on Rangitoto. I should have taken a photo.

Monday, May 11, 2009


It was Mother's Day today and a group of girls from church took their mothers out for dinner at a restaurant called Gina's in town. It's the coolest place. It has such a great vibe. The waiters are Italian and oh so much fun. When it's someone's birthday they make the loudest noise, banging the pots and pans and singing in Italian.
Ahh it's great.
But yeah it was great just to spend time with our mums and them all chatting and having fun. It's so cool when you set out to make someone happy and and you achieve it. The greatest feeling.
Here's a couple of photos:

Ana was Debbie's makeshift daughter for the night seeing as she has two boys

Mum is modelling the amazing Limoncello dessert. So scrummy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I went to sleep (technically it counts as today) with the rain pattering outside. It's just such a glorious sound.
I love it. It's so peaceful and you feel so cosy and protected from the outside world.
Also, I had just had an awesome conversation with Jono (feel proud) about angels who had sex with humans and created giants. SCANDAL!
So it was like I was thinking heaps before I went to sleep and then as I pondered such like things the rain was doing it's thing. It was glorious.

Also, I just got home from seeing Mercury Crowe and other bands live. Live music is always so much fun. Especially good live music. And this was good. Just such cheery tunes.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Sometimes it's good to see the world from a different perspective.

This is beautiful:

feeling small from Charlie McCarthy on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today I got through so much of my to-do list.
It was actually so long.
Like 50 things to start off and adding as I went.
But I only have a few left now and it feels oh so good.
Don't you just love those days.
It was also a mix of efficiency and play because everyone was in the office today and we were just laughing. Plus I spent loads of time in the mall with Ana being mallrats with a purpose.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My friend Sarah popped in to my place tonight just to return my magazine and pick up some teacups.
I really appreciate our friendship. We've been friends since the first day of intermediate school.
We can talk about anything. Anything. And it's always just so easy to slip in and out of deep conversation. It's just cool.
I really should let her know how appreciated she is.
Like we were discussing her near-death experience in one sentence and her ruining her dress in another. Crazy stuff.


WARNING: This post may contain references to the female menstruation cycle.

Human biology is really a fascinating thing.
I found out today that myself and two of my close friends are all going through "that time of the month" at the moment.
It's so strange how females who live together or spend a lot of time together all get their period at the same approximate time. It blows my mind. Like why the heck would that happen?
It's cool though. I think. Apart from if you were the only guy living with five sisters who were all really cranky at the same time. That would suck.

Aren't you glad I got through the post without mentioning "gushing waterfalls of blood" or suchlike?

Monday, May 4, 2009


Autumn is here!
It's marked by all the falling leaves and the crisp, cool air (which, may I add, is far too crisp and cool for my liking this year).
Anyhow. I was walking down the last stairs out of Albert Park and a huge gust of wind sent all of these leaves flying in a frenzy around me. It was awesome to be still when there was all this chaos going on around me.
I almost felt if I was intruding and that I should become like a leaf and get taken up by the wind and just float on the air. How awesome would that be.
I also love the sound leaves make as they scuttle along the ground.
I couldn't hear my music for all the scuttling.


I dyed my hair tonight.
Or rather Amy did. With encouragement from Teresa and Ana.
It's browney red depending on what light it's in.
I think it's too dark and too red.
But it's fun to be different and I can't wait to dye it again.
It's interesting how much identity is placed in how we look.
I seem so different.
To others it's probably not that weird but because I've seen myself everyday for the last 19 years I've come to expect that my hair will be blonder when I look in a mirror.
It really is strange.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I watched Kidulthood tonight. I can't make up my mind what I thought of it.
I think I misinterpreted half the film because they were such chavs and I couldn't understand a word hardly. It's like another language.

It's crazy some of the stuff that goes on though.
I felt so sheltered as I was watching.
I'm kinda glad for the sheltering though. It's like a security blanket.

Flip New Zealander's have it lucky. Well, I kinda can only speak for the shore. So much of what the film portrayed I have never seen in a high school here. Ever.
It's crazy. Fifteen year olds killing each other and beating each other up, getting pregnant, doing cocaine, getting involved in the gangs, carrying guns.
I know it was just a film but I am so grateful I haven't been exposed to all that.

It's kinda heavy for a Saturday night.

Heavy = swell in chav-speak.


The first of May.
NZ Music month.

Not that it really impacts me very much.

Families are a really special gift. I know that not everyone's is perfect but I am so blessed with mine.
If you think about it, you spend a whole lot of your life with your family, you move out and have a slice of freedom for a bit and then you start a family of your own. Well, that's how it happens mostly I think.
So you are constantly surrounded by family. It's really strange because I don't think I could handle living with anyone else whom I know at the moment. But my family I seem to manage every day. They are constantly there, blaring Sweet Home Alabama 24/7 or asking me to do things or waking me up early in the morning because they are crashing around in the garage. I put up with it though. Because they are family. I don't know what I'd do without them. Life would be so different. I would be so different.

I'll stop there before this gets ridiculous and puke-worthy.

But yeah.
I love 'em eh.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Once again I have let things slip. And it's really hard now, on Saturday night, to remember back to Thursday.

I went over to my friend's place where she and her boyfriend, another good friend of mine, were babysitting her younger siblings.
It was kinda cool to just hang because I was kinda afraid that with them going out it might be a tad awkward and third-wheel-ish. It wasn't though which was really nice.
It would have sucked if it was uncomfortable to chill as a group of three.
But it wasn't so you can all breathe a sigh of relief.
I know you were anxious.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I had my hair cut today. It was such a relief.
I don't think I'm alone in that when my hair reaches a certain, gross length it begins to get me down. It does this in a very subversive manner.
It's like when you have a great hair day and you just feel so confident and positive for the whole day. Except this is the opposite. For weeks on end.
So you can understand that as soon as the hairdresser took the scissors to my mop I instantly felt a release of all that negativity. It felt good.
This may be very superficial and stupid but it's the turth (that pretty much means 'truth' it's just cooler).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have these new jeans right.
They are dark blue and therefore very dyeful.
Hence, my hands are blue for most of the day.
This makes washing my hands a very satisfactory experience.
I love seeing the blue, murky water drip off my hands as they get cleaner.
It really is such a fantastic feeling and my hands are clean and proper colour again.
Not that blue isn't a proper colour to be.
I don't want to be discriminatory or anything.


Cheesecake is really a spectacular food.
It kind of is some sort of goo on your tongue but when your tastebuds get a whiff of the tangy, sweet, cheesy taste I think they get a bit confused and tantalised at the same time.
It really is a most obscure taste.
But one of my favourites.


This is the day I was born 19 years ago.
A pretty remarkable day.
For me anyway.

I had a tea party and I was well spoilt.
I love tea and I love parties. Not usually my own ones but this was so nice.
There was old fashioned teacups, doilies, cupcakes, asparagus rolls, coconut ice, club sandwiches and a whole lot of my favourite girlies. It was splendid.

I felt so special all day.
It struck me how lucky I am to have such awesome friends that could make me feel so loved and I want to be a friend like that to them.

Feelin' the love

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I love doilies.
It's my tea party tomorrow so I kinda made doilie sculptures as decorations and strung them up by the window.
They look so pretty with the light shining through.
And the teacups! Woah. I love teacups.
Real old fashioned teacups.
How posh.


This morning I went for my defensive driving practical session which is set up like he full license driving test.
He said I was good but I would have failed at part one and not even made it to part 2.
The reason is that I coast around corners. I leave the clutch in and don't engine brake. Tsk, tsk.
I have been correcting it as I drive and I think I'm sweet to go for my full.
It feels like I have been waiting for this for so long. No more curfew. Can take who I like.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Oh man I am getting excited about going to Tonga.
This evening we had a meeting about it and we got to hear loads of awesome stories about how God is moving in Tonga through the radio ministry.
It is absolutely mind blowing.
They were calling it a revival of repentance. Not so much signs and wonders (although there is some of that) which are things often associated with the word "revival", but people are turning to God in such an amazing way.
The testimonies I heard were incredible. One girl was brutally beaten by a teacher and the family called it in to the radio which sent the nation into a frenzy of prayer. Tonga was praying for her and her family for hours until the announcer received the news she had died and he had to broadcast it to everyone who was listening and praying so hard. He said the lines just went silent. No callers. Five minutes later the family called again and said a miracle had happened. She was alive again! After he announced that news the calls didn't stop for hours.
What an awesome testimony.
I cannot wait to see it in action.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I admit I am dreadfully sentimental.

I have just sifted through my memories box containing things such as letters, cards, pictures, and mementos.

It's so awesome to pick something up and recollect the very moment in time it was written. There's one scrappy piece of paper which is absolutely covered in scrawls and pictures. It took me back to that hot summer's morning sitting in a boring church service with Emily about 5 years ago. We had so much fun suppressing giggles as we drew what our future children would look like with our future husbands. Oh it is so funny to go back into the mind of 14yr old me.

I am also reading through my end of school book which I made people write nice things about me in. It's hilarious to see the personal jokes I had forgotten in the year and a bit since I left. Goodness it seems like ages ago I was sitting in english trying not to blush as Naomi teased me about a certain boy. It's great to remember.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My friend is leaving for three months to go on her big O.E.
This evening we went to Lonestar for a farewell dessert thing.
It is always nice to get to know people better. Her friends from a different church were there. I know them kinda but it was really great to chat and to get to know them better. We had quite a few laughs and it was just fun.
People are awesome.
Laughing is awesome.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I saw the waterlillies today at the Monet and the Impressionists exhibition at Te Papa museum.
I couldn't believe I was actually standing in front of it.
It was beautiful.
Way better in real life.

The other works there amazed me too. I love the way they played with light. It was as if he used fluorescent paints. The whole exhibition was breathtaking.

Here's one of my favourites

about 1855
Jean-Fran├žois Millet, French, 1814–1875


All day was spent on the train to Wellington. Seriously. All day.
12 hours to soak in the scenery and make new friends.

After a wee while we got a tad tired of the beautiful landscape so we decided to befriend some fellow passengers.

It was so cool. We made friends with this Russian couple. She had come out to see him a he lives in Wellington. She couldn't speak much english but she had a very styley crochet vest on.

There were these kids on the train too. They are from Chicago and are living in NZ for a little bit. They were so loud. But their accents were cool. Dan got their email and I hope they stay in contact.

It's so nice to meet new people. Even if you only know them for a day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I apologise for making this post about a movie too but it's a good'un.

I Am Sam

Flippin heck Sean Penn can act. I really loved it.

I worked in a special needs school last year and my favourite class were a group of boys with autism, like Sam.

I had never really thought about what happens when they turn 21 and they are no longer allowed at school and they have to fend for themselves. It's crazy. I can't imagine any of them being able to be a father and yet, they could be where Sam was and capable of it.

It's amazing how the human brain works and the developments the class made each time I got to work there. I could see an improvement in the way they interacted and how they got on with each other each visit.

It was so awesome this one time when one of the boys looked at me and smiled. Just that instant of recognition and communication was so special. He was non-verbal and he didn't look into your eyes when you spoke so it made it such a great moment when he did.

Times like that make all the patience and hard work worth it.

Friday, April 17, 2009


This evening, instead of going out I chose to stay at home and watch a film.
Well, two.
But one affected me.
That's a lie. They both did.
I want to talk about Children Of the Silk Road though.

I realised again tonight that although Jonathan Rhys Meyers is definitely a bit of eye candy, he can't act to save his life.

That's not what affected me though.
I cannot believe how far those kids had to walk in the snow just to pursue a future that wasn't likely to be all that positive or secure.

I don't think I would have survived a time like that.
It makes me think just how lucky I am to have been born in NZ to awesome parents and peacetime.

The courage of those kids is astounding.
It was a true story too!

George Hogg was an amazing man. He changed the lives of all those kids. Gave them hope.
I'm beginning to understand that trying to change the world all at once is a silly idea. It's about affecting one person's life, and then another, and another. Hopefully it gets contagious.
That's what I would like to be.


Tonight I got an unexpected call on Skype.
It's been yonks since anyone called me to have a chat.
The call was from Simon, whom I haven't talked to for eons.
I don't know if he reads this. If so, hello and thanks so much for calling.
It was a lovely surprise.
If you would like to know who Simon is, he makes awesome videos. Here is one of them.